Airsoft M4 Guns – Why Are They So Popular?

Airsoft M4 Guns

Airsoft M4 Guns – Why Are They So Popular?

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The airsoft M4 Gun is modeled after one of the most popular machine guns used by the US military. The M4 is basically just a refined version of the popular M16, which was used in Vietnam. The M4 assault rifle has a shorter barrel than the M16; also, the standard M4 can be fired in single or 3 shot bursts, while the M4A1 version of the M4 can be shot in semi or full auto mode. The airsoft M4 M16 is most commonly made as the airsoft M4A1 Version, meaning that it can either shoot in semi auto or full auto mode, but not in 3 round burst mode.

The airsoft M4 machine guns usually come with a metal picatinny rail, enabling you to easily attach various optical devices, such as a compact rifle scope, electric red dot sight, and much more. So with that being said and done, it is pretty easy to do an airsoft M4 upgrade. This is one of the many reasons why the M4 guns are so popular, not just in airsoft, but in other, real world (IE military) applications as well. Unlike the real version of the M4 (the one used by the military), the airsoft version of the M4 rifle is almost always the airsoft M4 A1 version, which just means that it shoots in semi or fully automatic mode rather than shooting in semi auto or 3 shot burst mode (this is probably because most airsoft players wouldn’t have much need for a 3 shot burst mode).

Much like with the real M4 assault rifle, the airsoft M4 carbine is shorter and easier to handle/maneuver than the longer airsoft M16 rifle. This doesn’t sacrifice velocity though, as most airsoft M4 Rifles shoot at about 350 to 380+ FPS (using 0.20g BBs). Also, the shorter length and light weight of the airsoft M4 rifle makes it great for CQB combat, which is a favorite amongst airsoft players. Another thing that many people like about the airsoft M4A1 machine gun is the way that it looks; it looks more sleek and advanced than the regular airsoft M16 rifle.

Many people choose to put a scope on their airsoft M4 M16 gun; this is because it basically gives you the option of sniping people from a distance (using single shot mode) or engaging in close quarters battles (in which case you would use the full auto mode). Once you have a good scope on your airsoft M4 machine gun, you can easily start sniping people from over 100 feet away; the accuracy of most AEG electric airsoft M4 rifles is downright amazing. Another option is to put an electric red dot sight on your M4. Some people also choose to get an airsoft M4 silencer (although this isn’t real practical, nor does it really benefit airsoft players much; it is basically just for looks and for bragging rights).

Much like with any and all of the good airsoft assault rifles, all of the higher end M16 M4 airsoft guns are AEG M4 machine guns, also known as automatic electric airsoft M4 rifles. This is due to the fact that they are capable of firing in both semi auto and fully auto mode, and they are also very accurate and shoot at a much higher velocity than the cheaper spring versions. As previously stated, most of the AEG airsoft M4 machine guns shoot at about 350+ FPS, while most of the cheaper spring version airsoft M4 rifles only shoot at about 200 FPS or so. Also, if you are wondering which manufacturer you want to go with, the Echo 1 M4 and Cybergun M4 airsoft rifles are 2 of the most popular ones. The Jing Gong (JG) M4 and the UTG M4 airsoft machine guns are also pretty popular amongst serious airsoft players as well.

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