7 Tips Every New Gardener Must Know

7 Tips Every New Gardener Must Know

If you’re a new gardener, then first things first: Welcome to the wonderful world of gardening! Now, don’t believe the hyperbole out there. Gardening isn’t that hard to do. Just follow some sage advice and you should be reaping the rewards of your garden in no time at all.

When you think of a “perfect” growing environment, what you’re looking for is a high concentration of nutrients in the ground. You’re looking for loose soil that’s free of rocks and impurities. You’re looking for some great compost and some mulch that will go on later to seal everything in and allow the root systems to soak up all the goodness and to become strong. It all starts with your soil, so take extra special care here.

Do a little bit of research on your plants to find out which varieties need more sunlight. By figuring out which plants need more sun, you will know exactly where to plant them. I.e. you will avoid putting a smaller, sun-dependent plant behind a larger plant that will cast a shadow over it. As you figure out which plants require the most sun, you will know to give them the most open space with a direct line of light.

Bugs and frost and animals are all hazardous to your plants, but one of the biggest dangers is an invisible danger: overwatering! This is such a danger because you cannot see the water once it has penetrated the surface of the ground. You may think things look dry, but underneath the soil your plants’ roots could be drowning due to the garden not draining. You either have to rig up a drainage system or you need loose soil that’s not compacted.

Why do all gardens suffer from weed outbreaks? It’s because the wind carries seeds. Grass and weeds constantly reproduce. Even the best-kept garden is going to deal with weeds. This is why you need to be very vigilant. Get out there at least once a week and pull up those pesky weeds before they overrun your entire habitat.

It’s not at all uncommon for a beginning gardener to become a retired gardener after only one season. It’s nothing to hang your head about. Everyone has to deal with it. If your plants fail, figure out how to do it better the next time. Growing obviously isn’t that difficult. People have been doing it for thousands of years, long before the internet lent its sage advice.

Starting with plants that are easier to grow will do two things for you. One, it will allow you to easily grow some great produce and subsequently give you the confidence that you can grow more. Two, you’re going to learn a lot about gardening from your successes. Root vegetables are incredibly easy to grow, as well as beans and squash. So, go with something simpler to start.

What is plant food? Well, that all depends. Some gardeners insist that water is the only thing plants need besides sunlight. But other gardeners are convinced that a constant diet of compost will provide the roots of your plants with all the food they need to continue growing strong.

Reading this article, you have undoubtedly realized how easy gardening can be. Please, remember to follow these tips after you have read them so that your gardening experience can be rewarding.

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