5 Awesome & Life Changing Minimalist Living Tips

5 Awesome & Life Changing Minimalist Living Tips

Living a life that is free of complications starts with minimizing your physical space. If you live in an apartment, chances are that you want to make room anyway. If you live in a house, chances are that you have every closet stuffed with old clothes, toys and papers that you don’t need and certainly haven’t used in ages.

Most people have a hard time with letting go of things simply because they have emotional attachment to these things. I remember not wanting to throw away my graded essays from high school ten years later! In reality, I’d never use these papers again but it was the nostalgic feeling that had me clinging.

So let’s start nice and easy and remember that minimalist living is a process that can take a little while. Let’s get started:

  1. Stop buying unnecessary items: This is a broad rule but ask yourself if you really need this item. Do you really need a new t-shirt when you have 30 folded and tucked away in your drawers? Do you really need this classic movie on dvd that comes on tv every other weekend?
  2. For every new thing you buy, get rid of 3 old items: This will usually put things in perspective. That new lamp looks fantastic but is there an old lamp, t-shirt, or a few old bed sheets you’re willing to part with? If not, then put the new item down. If so, first get rid of these items then buy the new one or this will never work!
  3. Schedule closet cleaning, one closet a day: Cleaning a closet can take a while especially if you have ignored it over the years. For some people, it could take 2-3 days cleaning out just one closet. Don’t try to clean all closets in one day or you’ll quickly give up. Take things one at a time. Remember to donate and recycle as much as possible!
  4. Start eating in: That doesn’t mean you bring fast food home or order pizza. Treat your body as well as possible. The best thing you can do is buy fresh produce and meats and cook your own meals. You will feel generally more satisfied. This will be hard to do in the first few weeks but like anything, catch your slip-ups, get your groceries and stay on course. Eating out is all about excess mentality: you’re wasting your dollars on unhealthy foods. Nothing wrong with enjoying this once in awhile but not more than once a week.
  5. Start now by de-cluttering your desk! So all the things I mentioned sound do-able but we need to take action now! Chances are you are sitting in front of a computer desk that is cluttered. Why not start by getting rid of old bills, papers and things that you don’t need? Even if you’re not at your computer desk, turn to your left or right: you will find something that you can work on right now.

All of this might seem overwhelming but practicing a minimalist living is all about starting here. Starting is the hardest part of any process and everyone goes through the struggle. I will be sharing more resources with you that have helped me over the last 6 months and I’m hopeful that they will do the same for you.

Enjoy your day with a clearer mind and a more-clear physical space.

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