4 Top Tips to Buying a Domain Name

The website you want to promote your business is right within your reach. Before you rush into working out the various website elements such as graphics, website navigation etc., you need to give some consideration to your choice of domain name for your site. Branding yourself by means of your domain name is important.

Getting a domain name that is easy to recognize and easy to find means that your online presence will be much more dynamic.

When you begin your search for your domain, you will want to keep a few things firmly in mind. Some of these items are negotiable, others, however, are essentially set in stone, and you want to bear them firmly in mind. Failing to abide by them could mean that you buy a domain name that a larger company has a right to, and may challenge you for ownership.

The top four things to look for in a domain name are these:

1. Find a name that reflects what you do in your business. Common-sense rules apply here. You won’t want to buy a domain that is called eggs.com and try to use it to sell your apples. It’s simply not going to do the job as well as if you bought the domain name green apples.

2. Find a name that is easier to remember if you have the option. FriedGreenTomatoes.com will quite likely be more memorable and a great deal easier to find than the domain, fgt.com, even if fgt is shorter. Names that mean something are usually better as they are easier to remember.

3. The domain that you want will also serve as a type of branding or a business trade name for you, so again, choose accordingly. You want to match it up to your business, but make sure it doesn’t resemble too closely the business name of your competition. Making it sound too much like their branding could cause confusion, and you could inadvertently drive traffic to their business!

4. Select a name that is not part or parcel of any kind of trademark name. For example, the name Cadburys chocolate isn’t yours to use. Even attempting to register a domain containing a trademarked name is a surefire way to get you involved in a dispute that could land you in court on the wrong side of some very expensive legal proceedings.

Buying domain names that will be an exact match, or a broad match for the keywords used to search for your service or product will often result in a nice boost for you in search engines in many cases. Your domain name is an important part of your overall branding. For these reasons, when you are buying a domain name, choose wisely.

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