10 Amazing Honeymoon Ideas

10 Amazing Honeymoon Ideas

Congratulations on your engagement! I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with all kinds of wedding plans from venues to DJs to honeymoons. That’s where I come in. Instead of researching all the many possibilities for honeymoons, check out these 10 amazing honeymoon ideas. They’re a great start and can help you plan the honeymoon of your dreams.

Dominican Republic

Beaches, pools, and all-inclusive fun can be found in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Visit Excellence Punta Cana for luxury and quality service.

Best for: Someone looking to relax, not worry about pulling out a wallet.

Not For: Families. This is an adults-only resort

Notable: All-inclusive means exactly that. The only additional fees you should expect to pay are your airport transfers or any spa services

Budget: Bargain. With airfare running around $900, and $1600 for a swim-up suite, you can spend just $2500 for a week-long stay here. There are frequent deals and bargains to be had as well.

Time to Visit: May and October are the best times to fit in a visit. While May can be a touch warm and October can bring hurricanes, both are usually fairly safe and mild. Generally, you can go year-round if you’re willing to pay a higher price or you are willing to risk the weather.

Time to Avoid: June through November is hurricane season and November through April is the busy season.


Are you the kind of person that marches to the beat of your own drummer? Don’t want to see anyone else on your vacation? Los Roques, Venezuela is so remote you’ll have to take a puddle jumper to get there. You’ll stay at a B&B with only 7 other rooms and you can rent a boat to explore uninhabited islands.

Best for: People looking to experience untouched nature and beaches. Only one of the islands here is inhabited.

Not For: People looking for a pre-packaged vacation, somewhere cold, or somewhere with night life.

Notable: Make sure to change your money to the local currency when you land and stay in Caracas.

Budget: Bargain. Your hotel in November with the BB&Boat package will cost about 1050VEF (approx. $400USD) for a couple for 6 nights. You can fly in from Miami to Caracas for about $700/person and your added cost will be airfare to the island, of around $200-$400/person. Food is very reasonably priced on the island (or you could add it onto your hotel stay) and there are no cars to rent. Realistically, this is a trip that would be better suited for 4 days, bringing your spending down to $1600.

Time to Visit: Year-round. There really aren’t any bad times to visit. November might be one of the best months though.

Time to Avoid: May through October brings rainier weather with slightly cooler temperatures, November through April brings drier weather with slightly warmer temperatures.


If you’re the kind of person that wants romance, a reclusive getaway, but a place where you can still have fun and do nothing, Canada is for you. Halfmoon Bay has a resort with private couple cabins, kayaking, and a beautiful view.

Best for: Couples seeking to incorporate a destination wedding into their honeymoon, lovers of the outdoors. You can even bring family members or pets in some cabin or lodge rooms. Vancouver BC Travel Guide lists this as a welcoming place for gay couples.

Not For: People who dislike the outdoors.

Notable: You’ll want to convert your money to Canadian currency but don’t worry, as of right now the exchange rates are nearly identical. Ask for tents other than 59 or 60 if you are seeking privacy on your honeymoon.

Budget: Mid-range. You can expect to pay close to $3000 for a week in the treetop tents and less for other rooms. That $3000 includes a rental car and airfare for two from LAX and is just an estimate.

Time to Visit: The summer here is peak season, with beaches and parks open. April through September will be the best times to visit, with longer days, warmer nights and more activities nearby. Rates increase June 10 for the high season and go down again on September 11 so the best bang for your buck would be April 1-June 10 or September 11-October 9.

Time to Avoid Winter can be wet, cold and dreary in this area. Fall too can bring about lots of rain, especially after October. Days are also shorter here in Canada in the winter months so plan accordingly.

New Zealand

You may have never heard of Nelson, New Zealand but you’re missing out. You can stay at a cute B&B overlooking the sea and enjoy a national park with beaches, kayaking, and hiking.

Best for: Gay couples. Not only is this hotel gay-friendly, it is also owned by a gay couple. Also perfect for couples who love the outdoors.

Not For: Someone who is looking for just a beach. While the beach here is wonderful, there’s so much to see and do that you would miss out.

Notable: Hotels here book up fast. Book as far in advance as possible for the region. Another option would be to book a vacation home for your stay. Check out this post by Miss Earrings on Weddingbee for more Nelson ideas.

Budget: Moderate. Your week-long hotel stay will cost $1500 in the high season for the Fifeshire Suite. Airfare runs the same amount per person so we estimate budgeting $5000 and hunting around for airfare deals.

Time to Visit: December through March will bring the warmest temperatures to the island.

Time to Avoid: April through October sees a slight dip in temperatures and increased rain. If you don’t plan on swimming, this could be a good time to avoid crowds and seek out lower rates.


Snuggle up next to a fire after spending the day skiing at Squaw Valley, California. You can rent a cabin or stay in a lodge here overlooking the lake or mountains.

Location: Northwest of the lake and northwest of Tahoe City, follow Hwy 89 to the lake and you can’t miss it. Fly in via the Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO)

Best for: People looking to stay in the states, people looking for cold or outdoor fun

Not For: Those looking to explore exotic lands or lay out in the sun

Notable: In the winter, this area receives heavy snow. Always carry snow chains or drive a 4-wheel vehicle with snow tires.

Budget: Moderate. If you choose a cabin or the hotel, expect to pay between $2500 and $3000 for lodging and lift tickets. If you need to fly in instead of driving, or if you need to rent equipment, prices will be higher.

Time to Visit: Winter and spring are the best time to take advantage of the ski season. The months November through May should allow for skiing but you might want to watch snow schedules in advance and plan activities accordingly.

Time to Avoid: Summer and weekends. While it does warm up here in the summer, the crowds can be higher than even ski season crowds without as many activities to do. If you opt for the winter, try to come mid-week or at least plan your skiing days for weekdays to avoid peak crowds


If you want romance, pools, spas, and a foreign country on your honeymoon, you’ll love Phucket, Thailand. You can stay between beautiful beaches and experience the amazing Thai service and massages. This is a couple’s dream.


If you want to see the world on your honeymoon, try an African safari. The safari above includes Kenya and Tanzania and you’ll have the chance to see the Big 5 and more: rhinos, baboons, buffalo, giraffe, flamingos, elephants, wildebeest, hippos, warthogs, lions, and leopards.

Best for: Amateur photographers, explorers, adventurers.

Not For: Someone seeking the comfort of a pillowtop bed and running water.

Notable: You’ll be camping in the heart of nature at times, with the possibility of animals nudging up against your tent. In addition, the flights are long and layovers can be long so make sure to verify your plane’s arrival date before booking.

Budget: High End. The trip will cost nearly $9000, the safari being 2/3 of that cost.

Time to Visit: September or  early October. This is the part of the year the annual wildebeest migration comes to northern Tanzania and southern Kenya. There will be so many animals to see that you won’t know which way to look.

Time to Avoid: April and May. The area sees heavy rains and the weather ruins the chance for a great tour.


Like the Lake Tahoe idea but want to go bigger? St.Moritz in the Swiss Alps is halfway between Zurich, Milan, and Munich. They have 215 miles of ski slopes, a hotel casino, and a spa with glacier water.

Location: In Switzerland, in the middle of Zurich, Milan, and Munich.

Best for: People who like the outdoors, the cold and skiing, people looking to splurge

Not For: People who want a beach, people on a budget

Notable: During the winter months, many road passes close or are only accessible by SUV. The train may be a better option.

Budget: High End. A week here + airfare could cost you $10,000. If you and your new spouse are avid skiers and have been planning an intense run for a while, this may be a trip for you.

Time to Visit: Christmas through March for the prime ski season. Summer can be nice if you enjoy hiking.

Time to Avoid: While prices are lower in the spring and the fall, there isn’t much excitement here during those times.

French Polynesia

The most beautiful place on earth might be a tie between Moorea and Bora Bora. You can stay in huts on top of the water sitting right on the Pacific Ocean. The hotels I’ve chosen have been named some of the most romantic hotels in the world.

Location: Moorea and Bora Bora are part of the French Polynesian Islands. You can find them in the South Pacific, about halfway between Australia and South America and nearly due south of Hawaii.

Best for: Couples who want to sit back, relax and take in beautiful views

Not For: Families with kids. You’ll spend a pretty penny here so spend it all on you.

Notable: You’ll need to take a boat transfer to any Bora Bora resort you stay at. If you fly from America, you’ll fly out of LAX and stop at Tahiti before transferring.

Budget: High-End. For 1 week and 2 people you’ll be looking at close to $10,000. 3 nights on Moorea will run you near $3500, 3 nights on Bora Bora will run you near $3800. Airfare will cost $2000 and you’ll need to pay for food and transfers. You can always save by looking for deals, downgrading (we chose top of the line hotel rooms in most cases) or traveling at off-peak times of the year (we used June for our pricing)

Time to Visit: The Dry Season runs May through October, with temperatures between 75 and 82 degrees all day long. Honeymooners who wish to scubadive should do so during this season due to increased visibility.

Time to Avoid: July is the busiest time of year due to the holiday Tiurai. The wet season runs November to April and temperatures here are 80-86 degrees at this time. The country receives 3/4 of its annual rainfall in these months. If you don’t mind rain and increased winds, this could be a good time to save on your hotel and sightseeing.

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