Weight Training Routines To Suit Everyone

Weight training routines provide exercisers with the ability to:

  • Increase muscular strength, size and power
  • Increase bone density and strength
  • Increase vitality and energy
  • Improve balance and co-ordination
  • Improve posture, body aesthetics and appearance
  • Lose unwanted fat by boosting our body’s metabolism
  • Different Types Of Weight Training Routines

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and I’ll explore a of few of them on this page:

The three day per week workout plan

The two day per week workout plan

The four, five or six day per week split routine

The sport specific workout plan

The Three Day Per Week Workout Plan

This weight training workout plan helps most exercisers achieve their fitness goals.

It involves exercises that target the whole body each workout session

You workout on non consecutive days for 45 minutes to an hour.

Training can take place anytime of the day that suits your circumstances. **

Three day a week weight training workouts fits conveniently into most people’s working life.

Are simple to follow as they usually don’t involve a lot of different exercises.

Can vary in content every 6-12 weeks to prevent boredom and continue to provide a challenge to your muscles.

** However it is worth knowing that training within an hour before bed may over-stimulate the body preventing easy sleep.

Why Weight Training Workouts Cause Your Muscles To Grow And Strengthen

Weight training causes micro tears in the working muscle fibers. This stress results in the need for repair and subsequent greater strength and growth. Training on alternate days allows your muscles and joints to recover and prevents overtraining that can lead to injury. You could say your muscles grow when you rest them following a weight training workout.

Do not underestimate the need for rest to maximize results from your workouts. This means you need to get enough sleep each night!

Changes in workout exercises targeting the muscles from slightly different angles stimulates the development of new neural pathways from brain to working muscles which stimulates further strength and muscle growth and gives you better overall muscular balance.

Two Day Per Week Weight Training Workouts

Those who find it difficult to gain much muscle size from their weight training routines despite dedicated efforts fall into the category of hard gainers. If you fit into this category a two day per week total body workout plan would suit you better than the conventional three day per week plan.

The reason for this is that two day per week weight training routines also target the largest muscles of the body – chest, thighs, shoulders, back and core (including the abdominals)using compound multi-joint exercises such as the squat, deadlight, bench press, overhead press and plank/hover.

Following a two day per week program involves you performing fewer sets and less reps per set for each exercise than the three day a week workout plan does. This allows you to lift heavier weights that can stimulate fast and greater muscular growth without resulting in overtraining.

Four, Five, Six Day Per Week Weight Training Routines:

This type of weight training plan employs split routines, which divide the body into upper body and lower body exercises performed on various days. This style of training is generally what competitive bodybuilders follow, but such a style of training often proves to be very ineffective for a large percentage of people.

An Example of A Six Day Weight Training Workout

  • Monday and Thursday – Shoulders,Chest,Upper Back
  • Tuesday and Friday – Thighs, Calves, Core
  • Wednesday and Saturday – Arms and Lower Back

This six day split workout plan allows exercisers to perform more sets and reps per set per body part than the other plans do. It may work well for the genetically gifted to build large muscles.

It suits those blessed with outstanding genetic bodybuilding potential featured in competitions. It doesn’t suit most of us who have body types that require more time to recover between heavy weight training workouts.

Many people, especially male teens and twenty something waste years following this way of training, because they see it promoted in popular body building magazines.

However four, five and six day split workout plans mean spending long hours in the gym and can easily lead to over-training injuries, reducing our immune system functioning correctly.

By all means give them a try if they appeal. But if you begin feeling overtired change to one of the other workout plans before you fall prey to colds and flu or suffer injuries that could set your training weeks or months. I speak from experience!

Weight Training Routines Focused On A Specific Sport

Weight training focused on a specific sport develop strength as well as skills required for a particular sport.

For Example:

Workouts that develop strength, power and flexibility, benefit weight lifters and surfers.

Speed, agility and stamina building workouts benefits soccer, rugby, tennis and volleyball players.

Sport specific weight training workouts are most effective when an experienced coach develops a program for their team or the athlete they are coaching. They can then monitor the results that their team or their athlete is achieving and revise the workout as necessary to optimize results.

There is an infinite variety of weight training routines, involving many different exercises.

Find Weight Training Routines That Get You The Results You Are After!

The focus in our down-loadable books on weight training routines is on giving a great variety of programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers, that are enjoyable and get you the results you want as quickly as possible.

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