The Top Five Innovative and Amazing Vacuum Cleaners on the Market Today

Vacuuming is a part of every homeowner’s life and needs to be done on a frequent basis in order to keep a home looking clean and tidy. However, many people find vacuuming a chore and do not enjoy it. Considering that it is such an important aspect of owning a home it is therefore very important to invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

Moreover, vacuum cleaners need to be replaced fairly regularly as over age they become less effective and lose their suction. Therefore, it is wise to research the many different vacuum cleaners available on the market today in order to find the perfect one for meeting its owner’s needs.

The Top Five Innovative and Amazing Vacuum Cleaners

There are many different vacuum cleaners to choose from and thus it can be a daunting task trying to find a new one. Here is a list of some of the most innovative and amazing vacuum cleaners available on the market today.

1. The Powermax from Vax

The Powermax from Vax

This vacuum cleaner is truly fantastic for a clean and dirt free home. It provides the performance and the power needed in order to keep a home looking great and to make vacuuming easy and enjoyable. The Powermax from Vax comes in many different forms and can be bought as an upright or as a cylinder. Moreover, Vax produce a Powermax that is suitable for homes with pets such as cats and dogs. This vacuum tackles such problems with ease to leave a home looking great and smelling fresh.

2. The iRobot vacuum cleaner

iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This is the ideal vacuum cleaner for people who cannot stand vacuuming! This nifty little robot will vacuum the entire home without any supervision or help from a human! It can navigate through different rooms, around objects, can identify areas that need going over more than once if they are particularly dirty and will even find it’s charging station again once it has finished! With this little gadget, vacuuming need never be a chore again!

3. Any Dyson vacuum cleaner

Dyson vacuum cleaner

Dyson is recognised as one of the best brands to buy from for a vacuum cleaner and it is easy to see why. Dyson vacuum cleaners are incredibly powerful and are incredibly easy to use. They come with many different attachments for use in different areas of the home or the car and Dyson also produce a vacuum for homes that have animals.

4. Henry Hoover

NUMATIC HVR200-11 Henry Vacuum Cleaner

This little guy has been around for generations and is the ultimate vacuum cleaner for those who would like a trustworthy, reliable, hardwearing vacuum that is suitable for all types of floors and surfaces and provides good suction. Henry Hoover is used by many different businesses and offices and for good reason.

5. Electrolux Ergorapido

Electrolux Ergorapido

This small vacuum is portable, light, battery powered (so no fiddly wires to contend with) and comes in a variety of colours to suit any homeowner! This is an undeniably trendy vacuum cleaner that is ideal for anyone who can’t stand the hassle associated with vacuuming the house!

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of The Original Factory Shop, who offer the Vax Powermax and other household goods at discounted prices. Since leaving home, Amy has got through her fair share of ‘budget’ vacuums and is now looking to purchase something that will last.

6. Shark Vacuum Cleaner

What is shark vacuum?

Is a vacuum cleaner used in homes for cleaning floors that make use of sealed systems .Shark vacuum cleaner has a wheel base and a lift away part that enables achievement of great convenience while using it It has a considerable large storage capacity. It is a bit cheap while comparing to other vacuum cleaners like Dyson .Shark vacuum cleaner is sold with warranties of up to 10 years.

Added features of shark vacuum cleaner that makes it more convenient

Shark vacuum cleaner has high suction capability when comparing to other vacuum cleaners.

Stronger brush rolls, shark vacuum cleaner has brushes that are stronger suitable for cleaning parts such as bare floors in your house easily.

Lift away feature, this enables you as a user to easily operate the vacuum cleaner without much bending which is tiresome.

Canister lifts, this are special feature that allow you work with the vacuum cleaner upstairs and other difficult places to reach using ordinary cleaners.

Complete seal system that enables shark vacuum cleaner to trap almost 100% of dust particles together with trouble causing allergies in the home.

It has large dust holding capacity which makes it convenient too use without panic over the dust holder getting too full while cleaning.

Shark vacuum cleaner parts

They mare available in units consisting of steam for working on hard surfaced floor and vacuums. The spare parts are readily available at stores of different distributors who are reputable.

  • The available parts available include.
  • Exhaust filter covers
  • Dust cups
  • Motorized floor brushes
  • Accessory bags Extension poles
  • Onboard accessory holders

Al these parts are available so that you can purchase and fix your vacuum cleaner easily and cost economically.

Advice concerning shark vacuum cleaner

It is highly advisable when you not your shark vacuum has damaged a part to buy and fix the part rather than replacing it. This is so because replacing a whole shark vacuum is too expensive, secondly the parts for shark vacuum are readily available and are cheap. Thirdly the parts can be fixed with less expert qualifications. Battery use of shark vacuum cleaner

Shark vacuum cleaner has an additional battery pack. The battery is essential as it will ensure you continue working with your shark vacuum cleaner incase you are working on a large office or home floor and your cleaner experiences losses of power. The battery can be bought and replaced making the shark vacuum cleaner continue serving you. Spoilage of the battery does not mean end of working life of your shark vacuum cleaner.

Shark Vacuum cleaner filters

Shark vacuum cleaner filters are highly durable, can serve almost the whole work life of the vacuum without repair incase of a repair needed it is easily available in the retail stores allover the world.

In every box of a shark vacuum cleaner you buy there is an included spare of a filter. This is done to ensure you an easy life while using your vacuum cleaner.

With the spare filter it is more convenient cleaning your house, you can remove the filter you are using for cleaning by soaking in water while doing vacuum cleaning. After you are through with vacuum you can wash the filter and keep for another day cleaning routine.

Popularity of shark vacuum cleaner

The shark vacuum cleaner has increased popularity allover the world. This is evident from the sales that are made in various stores selling shark vacuum all over the world. Shark has experienced great and increased orders as well due to its advantages over other vacuum cleaners.

The flexibility of shark has enabled it to be more popular, it can work on all parts of the house it is light in weight hence can be elevated reaching elevated points of the house to be vacuum cleaned. The accessories and features attached to the shark vacuum cleaner enables it easy to clean and save on time.

Necessity of shark vacuum cleaner to people suffering from allergies of dust

Allergies caused by dust such as pollen grains and ordinary dusts can be easily eradicated by using shark vacuum cleaner at homes. The cleaner has the capability of removing all the allergic causing particles from all corners and sides of your house enabling you enjoy a sneeze less day and night.

Shark vacuum unit works with complete sealing technology that ensures no escape of dust particles to affect allergic suffers at homes. It is an option for parents concerned about the well being of their children about allergic reactions.

Shark vacuum cleaner is essential for rooms where allergic patients are being treated such as hospitals treating the patients as it will enable a serene environment to recover.

Advantages of shark vacuum cleaner

The lift away system found in shark vacuum cleaner is totally sealed enabling no escape of particles to the environment during cleaning hence performing perfect cleaning easily.

The shark has a light weight which makes it convenient to use in different elevated parts of the house.

It is automatic and can be operated easily by just a click of the bottomland example is when detaching the base you use a button to command the detaching action.

The superior steering system, swivel makes maneuvering of the shark vacuum cleaner easy while using, it can clean under tables and chairs in a living room with much ease and control while using high suction capability.

There is no release of vacuum smell during use of shark vacuum cleaner which brings about great and enjoyable experience for those who hate vacuum smell.

It can be used safely on the ceilings removing cobwebs and dust from the air conditioning fans, this makes cleaning more thorough with great easy.

Although shark vacuum cleaner has high suction power it does not distort hardwood floors making it more preferable.

The sound involved in using shark vacuum cleaner r is less, this is essential if you don’t like noise during your daily cleaning cores. It can’t be compared to high level of noise encountered in other types of vacuum cleaners.

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