Teenage Pregnancy Quiz – The Facts

This teenage pregnancy quiz is a series of questions and answers that lay down the sex/pregnancy facts, which many teenagers are unaware of. Teenage pregnancy is usually unwanted and can be avoided if the teenagers are exposed to the right information. Here we discuss certain statements and their credibility regarding teenage pregnancy:


You Cannot Get Pregnant The First Time You Have Sex.

If your answer to this statement is ‘No’, then you need to get your facts right. It is possible to get pregnant the first time you have sex. In fact, anytime you have an intercourse without protection, you are at risk of conceiving.


A Girl Cannot Get Pregnant During Her Period.

If your answer to this is yes, then you are wrong. A girl can definitely get pregnant during her period. Many people live under the impression that a woman cannot conceive during her menstruation cycle, however, the fact remains that sometimes ovulation can occur before the periods have completed, leading to fertility in a woman.

Another reason for a girl to get pregnant while bleeding is because a sperm has the ability to fertilize an egg day after ejaculation, increasing the likelihood of fertilizing a woman after her menstruation cycle is over.


If You Have Sex, Standing Up It Will Decrease Your Likelihood of Getting Pregnant.

If you answered yes, then you are right. Any kind of sex, whether standing up or lying horizontally can lead to pregnancy, if you do not take proper precaution. However, having sex standing up can reduce your chances of getting pregnant considerably. Standing up can lead the semen to leak out, narrowing down fertility.


If You Have Sex in A Pool, Hot Tub, Lake or The Ocean, You Cannot Get Pregnant.

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have sex in a pool. It is a misconception that sex is safe under water. The fact is that water does not have the ability to kill sperm; neither can it restrict it from fertilizing with an egg.

Another myth is that the heat of a water tub can kill the sperm. This is also false.

Hence if you want to reduce your chances of conceiving, take a birth control pill.


If A Girl Stands Up And Jumps After Sex She Will Not Get Pregnant.

If your answer to this is “Yes” then you are definitely going to get pregnant soon. Gravity is not an answer to protection against sex. Jumping will not do you any good. The only solution is either using a condom or taking a birth control pill.

Remember, having a baby is a big responsibility. As a teenager, you have neither the maturity nor the funds to raise a child. Hence, be safe and take some understanding out of this teenage pregnancy quiz.

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