Senior Men’s Health Matters!

Senior Men’s Health And Fitness Is Vitally Important For A Healthy Long Life

Men’s pride and staunchness can often act as barriers for them in seeking help when senior men’s health issues present themselves. They may also consider themselves bullet proof and pay little attention to their fitness until they step on the scales and get a rude awakening.

Senior Men’s Health And Fitness

Sometimes that awakening happens a little too late and men find themselves facing a major health crisis, like seriously high blood pressure, (heart) angina pain, colon, or prostate cancer. All the discomfort and drama accompanying that might have been avoided had they taken preventative action earlier.

Older men often don’t know what preventative action might look like to increase senior men’s health and where to start looking for solutions.

If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place to begin finding the answers you are looking for.

Firstly – get over your staunchness and resolve to enjoy the journey of discovery and education about self care associated with senior men’s health and fitness. Then set some goals about lifestyle changes for better health including dietary changes, and exercise goals.

There are many factors that can go into enhancing men’s health and fitness but nutrition and exercise are two that can make a great deal of difference to men’s health.

Five Serious Mistakes that Impact on Senior Men’s Health and Fitness

1. Allowing yourself to be in a work situation that causes you high levels of stress over a long period can contribute to the following senior men’s health problems:

  • Stomach Ulcers
  • Other digestive disturbances
  • Adrenal exhaustion
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease

2. Consuming fatty foods especially junk fats that come from refined oils and hydrogenated oil spreads on a regular basis can lead to high levels of cholesterol that contribute to heart disease

3. Leading a sedentary life, without any or very little exercise is a recipe for long-term illness and is a major senior men’s health issue. It can contribute to a host of health disorders including obesity, osteoporosis (thinning of the bones that can lead to fractures in the aged).We think of osteoporosis as a disorder of post menopausal women because it is more common in women, but men suffer from it too. Our bodies were designed for movement. When we neglect this important design feature we impair the function of our immune, digestive, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems.

4. Consuming alcohol in large quantities, smoking, or partaking in recreational drugs are dangerous past-times, as these are poisons which have a detrimental effect on men’s health and fitness.

5. Allowing your waistline to expand is a strong indicator that you are making yourself more susceptible to health problems

Five Excellent Practices To Promote Senior Men’s Health And Fitness

1. Get in the habit of drinking eight or more glasses of water each day

2. Follow an exercise program that you really enjoy

3. Find work that is meaningful to you and brings you joy

4. Eat well

5. Find some way to give back to society

Senior mens health and fitness is not a subject to be taken lightly, or ignored, if you want to live a quality life for many years.

Health is a precious gift (ask anyone who is suffering ill-health).

But rather than leaving the responsibility for your health and fitness to “someone else”, when you educate yourself on the different aspects of senior men’s health and fitness, you can take control of your own well-being and have high levels of energy that will allow you to live a long, joyful and fulfilling life.

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