What Price Would You Pay For a Dream?

Would You Pay For a Dream?

I’m constantly amazed at how people complain about their situation but when presented with alternatives or a solution….they aren’t willing to pay the price.


When I “worked for the man” years ago I was miserable. I hated someone else having control over my schedule. I hated the fact that the company I worked for dictated how I spent my time.

I hated giving up my weekends on short notice to meet some deadline. I hated having only 2 weeks vacation a year. I hated the stupid meetings, stupid work, and inefficiencies in the system.

I hated the fact that I could work my tail off doing fantastic work, only to be given a standard of living raise of 3% a year, while being told there was always “room for improvement.” I hated the annual reviews by management which were subjective and merely word play, while the company got rich off my hard work.

Sound Familiar?

Are you sick and tired of coming up with great ideas for working smarter and better only to be told, that won’t work…or we don’t do things that way….blah, blah, blah.

Do you go to lunch with co-workers only to bitch about all the stuff you hate about your job? Have you revamped your resume and put it on Monster.com? On days when your boss pisses you off, do you jump on the internet when you get home, surf the job sites and post your resume for several positions?

When Sunday night rolls around do you cringe at the thought of Monday morning? Do you drag yourself out of bed each morning sick to your stomach at the thought of going into work? Are you bored to tears with your job and watch the clock all day…waiting for 5:00 pm.?

The Price To Stay

Worse yet…are you one of those that complains but never takes action? You hate your job….but the money is good and you are addicted to your lifestyle? You buy new cars every few years, you have a mortgage, you have the toys (boat, jet ski), you like fine dining and your weekend mall shopping sprees.

So you settle….you convince yourself that if you just put up with it for what 30+ years you can retire and enjoy yourself? Oh my friend….what makes you think you will be around in 30 years?

Don’t you see that everyday that you settle….you die a little more?

The Price To Go

Do you want to change things or are you just giving lip service?

What if you could spend your days doing what you want to? Setting your own schedule? Having time to spend with your family? To see your kids grow up? To learn to play that instrument you’ve always wanted to play? To learn a foreign language? To travel?

You have 2 options; start your own business, or adjust your lifestyle so that a part-time job covers the bills, and gives you the freedom to do what you want.

It won’t happen overnight….the plan may take a couple of years. This is the point where most people balk. They aren’t willing to sacrifice 2, 3 or 4 years. But instead they are willing to stay at their soul-sucking job for 30+ years….ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!

A recent conversation with a friend went something like this:

My Friend: I hate my boss and my job. I wish I could live like you do!

Me: Why don’t you quit and start your own business?

My Friend: In this economy? It’s too risky and my husband would never go for it.

Me: Well then, how about finding a part-time job, simplifying your lifestyle and having time to do fun stuff?

My Friend: But then I’d have to cut back on shopping, and getting my nails done, and eating out…blah blah blah

WHATEVER…..If you are this person, I can’t help you..so quit complaining since you aren’t willing to take action. If 3-5 years is too much sacrifice to live your dreams, go back and give your boss 30+ years of your life.

Still with me? good…because you are different. You recognize how short life is. You have the desire and ability to make a change. You see the value in working hard for a short time in return for a lifetime of joy!

When I decided that I wanted to start my own business, I read tons of books on how to do it. One recurring theme was that you need to have 1 year’s worth of expenses saved before taking the plunge.

Here is a list of the things I gave up or cut back on, so that I could accumulate my 1-year emergency (or as I prefer to call it freedom fund.)

  • Quit dining out, cook all meals at home.
  • Park the car and walk or ride my bike.
  • Establish a budget and live by it.
  • Gave myself $25/mth to spend…NO MORE.
  • Quit buying stuff I didn’t need.
  • Sell or donate stuff I hadn’t used in the past 3 months.
  • Stop newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Stop the daily Starbucks coffee and buy a pound to brew at home.
  • Bag my lunch instead of eating out during the workweek.
  • Put a timer on the water heater.
  • Use a programmable thermostat for the AC/heat.
  • Get rid of home phone line and keep the cell phone.
  • Drop internet and messaging on cell phone….it’s a phone so use it as one!
  • Give up cable tv, get an antennae.
  • Rent movies from Redbox for $1.00 and buy microwave popcorn.

So I’m on the other side and let me tell you…..IT’S SWEETER THAN I EVER IMAGINED!!!!! It was worth the sacrifice, and I would pay 100 times the price all over again.

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