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Prague is one of the most wonderful cities in the world. It is a superb mixture between various architectural styles. Furthermore it features both peaceful areas as well as vibrant neighborhoods. The greatest thing about Prague is that every stone in the road is full of history. This city has so many stories to tell that a life time wouldn’t be enough to hear them all. However, a couple of weeks might be enough in order to check out the best places to visit in Prague.

Museums and galleries

Like all European capitals, Prague has an abundance of amazing museums and galleries where you can admire priceless works or art and historical treasures. Art lovers should not miss the National Gallery as it has some of the most impressive art collections in the world. The collection is spread in 6 locations: St George’s Convent, Veletrzni Palace, Sternberg Palace, Zbraslav Castle, Kinský Palace and Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia.

If you don’t have time to visit all to the gallery’s locations, you should narrow down the collections which will interest you the most. At St George’s Convent you can admire numerous displays of early Czech art, some of which are as old as the Middle Ages. At the Veletrzni Palace you can admire the National Gallery’s modern collection which features Czech and European art from the twentieth century.

The Sternberg Palace is the main building of the National Gallery and it features European art from the fourteen to the eighteen century. The collection displayed at the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia includes nationalist and neo-Gothic Czech art. At the Zbraslav Castle you can admire non- European works of art and at the Kinsky Palace you can explore the Prints and Drawings collection.

Although the National Gallery features some impressive art collections, there are many more cultural places to visit in Prague. The list of galleries and museums which fascinate thousands of tourists every year includes: the Charles Bridge Museum (where you can learn about Prague’s famous river crossing), the Czech Museum of Music, the Jewish Museum, Klementinum (a fabulous display of baroque opulence; make sure not to miss the Mirror Chapel, the Baroque Library Hall and the Astronomical Tower), the Mucha Museum (a tribute to the famous Czech Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha), the Museum of Communism, the National Museum, the Prague City Museum and the Strahov Monastery (it includes a famous library which holds over 16,000 books).


The most beautiful places to visit in Prague are the castles and palaces that can be found in this wonderful city. Most of them work as galleries and museums. Such is the case of the Sternberg Palace or the Zbraslav Castle which host collections of the National Gallery. However, the most mesmerizing construction in Prague is without a doubt the Prague Castle.

This castle can be seen in any Prague panorama and it is the city’s main attraction. Its size alone is incredible as it is almost as big as seven football fields. Furthermore, it is the largest ancient castle in the whole world. Thirteen centuries of renovations and modifications have made this castle a modern day wonder and visiting it is definitely a once in a life time experience. When visiting it, make sure not to miss the tomb of St. John of Nepomuk which is guarded by an army of silver angels.

Although the Prague castle is mesmerizing, it is but one of the many castles, chateaux and palaces which can be found in Prague. If you are one of the many people who are fascinated with such buildings there are a couple of attractions that you should not miss while visiting Prague.

Your visiting list should include: the Archbishop’s Palace, Cernin Palace (the largest palace in Prague), the Palace of the Lords of Kunstat and Podebrady, Lobkowicz Palace, Schonbornksy Palace, Schwarzenberg Palace, Sternberg Palace and Wallenstein Palace. Furthermore, if you don’t mind a short drive of 45 minutes, you must see the Karlstejn Castle. The castle itself makes for a unique visiting experience but you should also explore the village surrounding it.

Churches and cathedrals

In most European capitals, the churches and the cathedrals are ranked as the most impressive attractions. Prague makes no exception to this rule as it takes great pride in its gorgeous religious attractions. The most impressive such building is St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. However, there are many other interesting, religious places to visit in Prague such as Tyn Church, St. Martin in the Wall Church, St. Nicholas Church Lesser Town Square, St. Clement’s Cathedral, Loreta Church and many more.

The Old Town Square

The beauty of Prague’s Old Town Square is the fact that it remained roughly unchanged since the 10th century. It features a wide diversity of architectural styles such as the baroque style or the Gothic style. It is also home to some of the best places to visit in Prague such as St. Nicholas Church, the tower of the Old Town Hall, Kinský Palace and many more. The most famous touristic attraction in the Old Town Square is without a doubt the Astronomical Clock. Built in 1410, this is the oldest astronomical clock still working in the world.


Visiting Prague is not all about old castles and palaces. If you are not a fan of historical sites, you should know that Prague is a vibrant city which has numerous entertainment options. For example, in Prague, puppet shows are not a child’s play but rather an art which is highly appreciated. If you are curious of how entertaining a puppet show can get, you should catch a show at Divadlo Minor. If you feel like partying, you should know that Prague also has a rather exciting night life. The Cross Club is a very entertaining hiper art bar. If you want to see just how crazy the locals can get during the weekend, you should also stop by Újezd.

There are many gorgeous places to visit in Prague but if you really want to have a unique traveling experience, you should try to book your trip around the Pálení čarodźjnic festival, also known as Witches Night. The festival is held on April 30. In order to mark the death of winter, the locals light bonfires and some daredevils even celebrate by jumping through the flames.

Adventurous places to visit in Prague

If you are bursting with energy and you are ready to embark on a fun adventure, you should grab your friends and try the Mindmaze game. This is an interactive adventure game. The purpose of the game is for you and your team to find your way out of a room in only 60 minutes. In order to beat the game, you need physical strength, analytical thinking and good language skills. Another way to spend a unique day in Prague is to explore the city’s mystical site.

The Speculum Alchemiae Museum allows visitors to explore secret alchemical laboratories from the 16th century. The laboratories were built during the 16th century for king Rudolf II. When visiting this place you can’t help but get excited by the thought that numerous elixirs and potions used to be prepared in these rooms. This is definitely a special museum and you won’t find a similar place anywhere in the world.

Places to eat

When visiting Prague, you should also indulge yourself with some world-class cuisine. If you are not on a tight budget you should book a reservation at one of Prague’s best restaurants. A dinner at either Allegro or Alcron will definitely count as an unforgettable culinary experience. However, even if you are on a low budget, there are a lot of great places to eat in Prague. Pivnice u Pivrnce, U Medvídků and U Radnice are just a few of the places where you can enjoy a great meal without spending too much money.

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