Pet Corn Snake Care Sheet: Cage And Other Care Information

Cage (Vivarium)

A 20 gallon long a sized cage exotic pet corn snake. Even five feet long fully grown adult corn snakes, require a cage three feet long fifteen eighteen inches high fifteen inches front back. fact, size enough a pair Corn Snakes.

Ok keeping two snakes one cage, three more much. hand, snakes don’t wide open space. , getting adult size cage hatchling. wide space stress young corn snakes out.

Corn snakes climbing, squeezing out very small holes, bodies push screen top a poorly fitted cage. Corn snakes escape artist, picking a solid cage a secure top very . snakes constantly rub nose against screened top cage find a way out. resulting scratch treated antiseptic antibiotic ointment. Always evaluate furnishings enclosure provide a more natural environment. a plants many hiding spots a large cage corn snake feel secure.


Hiding spots plants climbing resting provided. A box, upturned cardboard box plastic tube , provided large enough corn snake away curl up . Hollow bark logs (obtainable reptile pet stores) a natural look. Ideally, a hiding spot available both warmer ends enclosure.


Corn snakes, reptiles, maintain internal body heat. Thus, maintaining cage proper temperature vital care corn snakes. A temperature gradient 70 – 75 ºF one cage 80 – 85 ºF maintained allow snake regulate body temperature moving one cage .

Heat mat best way heat corn snakes cage. rectangular electrical heating pads, sealed laminated plastic electrical cable coming out one edge. Available various sizes different cages reptile pet shops. heat pad placed under one-half cage, covering roughly half floor area, thus giving corn snake a warm areas. easily monitor temperature, inexpensive self-sticks thermometers applied inch above bottom cage warm side. A thermostat heat sensor need incorporated system, automatically switch heat pad necessary. items snake cage a reptile pet shop.


Corn snakes need a light order survive. fact, probably prefer light. reptile pet owners prefer kind light cage, see pet better. ordinary 60 watt household bulb quite adequate. much heat. light placed same heat pad. A mesh guard fitted around light bulb, otherwise snakes noses up light bulb burn themselves.


A bowl fresh water drinking available snake times. snake defecated , bowl cleaned immediately. bowl placed cage, away heat pad.


A variety materials used substrate. Newspaper effective very easy up, look cage leaves a desired. Indoor/outdoor carpeting Astroturf (plastic lawn) used, two pieces rotate swapping one dirty one cleaning time, thoroughly washing drying soiled one. Pine bark chips another chips soiled feces simple scooped out, a thorough cleaning done needed. Aspen shaving used a similar manner, although probably a corn snake a separate container feeding shavings inadvertently ingested.

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