Optimize Your Performance By Knowing What To Wear When Running

What to wear when running is an important decision that will affect your performance. Not only that, disregard for its importance might lead you to some serious risks which will sideline you. This means, you will be prone to chaffing, blisters and back pain, to name just a few.  For maximum performance, you need to consider what to wear when running from the upper body down to your feet.

Yes! What you garb yourself with from the feet up to your torso will affect your running form. Hence, you should take extra attention to these things, whether you are planning to join a race or just want to enjoy a mile run. You must understand that what to wear when running is something that will have long-term effects on your health as well as general well-being.

The truth behind the matter

Millions of people take up running outside as their ultimate form of exercise for the sheer fun of it.  Of course, there are people who would rather spend their running time on their treadmill.  However, regardless of whether where you will spend your running, you still need to consider what you wear, if you want to maximize the benefits you derive from such exercise. Starting from the shoe you choose to wear when running up to the kind of shirt you put on your back, all these will affect your body as well as your running form.


The kind of shoes you put on will affect your health in the end as well as how you will fare in the field. While we had been lead to believe that the contemporary shoes we have been wearing for thousands of years protect our feet, recent findings negate such claim. With the advent of minimalist footwear, people are starting to realize that wearing less give us more. Barefoot shoes give us benefits that our contemporary shoes can never give.

If you are contemplating what to wear when running, minimalist shoes should be the kind of footwear you should put on your feet if you want to have healthy feet in the end as well as prevent further injury to it. There are numerous design and brands of minimalist footwear in the market to choose.

To be able to select the best shoes for you, you should first determine your needs and the place where you would most likely use such footwear. There is an appropriate shoe for a specific activity such as running on flat ground or trail hiking. You need to determine what type of feet you have so that you will be able to buy the appropriate shoe for such type.

Wearing the inappropriate shoes for your type of feet might expose you to injury or worsen your existing condition.  Trying out Asics transition shoes if you are just starting out would be good decision. However, if you have been into barefoot footwear for some time, you might want to try Vibram Five Fingers wide array of shoes to accompany you on your running sessions.


You also need to consider the kind of socks when you are contemplating what to wear when running. Inappropriate choice would lead you to chaffed and blistered feet. Moreover, ordinary socks sponge up the sweat generated by your feet, making your feet slippery, wet and hard to control, which might lead to foot injury. You would do well with Darn Tough, smart wool and Teko socks, which are all wicking type socks. It wicks away moisture from your skin to the outer layer of the sock to keep your feet dry and cool.

Running apparel

What to wear when running should not stop on your footwear. It also includes the type of upper and lower outfit you should wear when running.  You should remember that the kind of clothes you wear would affect your running importance. Wearing very loose clothing will hamper your movement thus slowing you down in the process. If your clothes were made from fabrics that cling to your skin when wet with sweat, it would make you uncomfortable and smelly even before your run ends.

Inner clothing

You should appropriately think about the kind of apparel when you are planning what to wear when running. From the sports bra to the kind of panties you wear, it should provide optimal comfort and not hamper your movements or expose you to risk of injuries such as blisters, chaffing and other form of injuries. You should therefore choose inner clothing that wicks away moisture as well as support and protect your breast from the jolt of running. Your panties should be made from cloth that will not chaffed against your skin due to friction nor should it be lacy or cottony that will retain moisture in your genital area as you sweat it out.

Outer clothing

Running apparel is as important as the shoes you wear to optimize your running experience. It is therefore crucial to select the best technical shirt for you when running. Technical shirts are the most recommendable shirt when considering what to wear when running. These shirts are made from specially manufactured fabrics that are infused with the latest technological find in fabrics.

Must-have features of what to wear when running

Your running shirts should have the following attributes to enable you to have a comfortable and cool run.

  1. It should possess features that enable it to wick the moisture off your skin to the outer layer of your shirt, to facilitate its easy evaporation. This will keep you dry and cool for the rest of your running stint.
  2. It should have a long back to prevent the fabric from running up high, which is most common amongst ordinary shirts.
  3. It should have extra ventilation, especially around the armpit area for that extra cool and dry feeling.
  4. The shirt should also have anti-microbial treatment to prevent you from smelling like foul fish even before the end of your run.
  5. It should provide comfort as well as suitable fit that enable the runner to run without any hindrance to his movements.

What to wear when running should be given special attention if you want to optimize your running experience. You just cannot wear anything you fancy when contemplating your running apparel.  You need to consider all things including the weather, the terrain you will run on and the time of year when planning out what to wear. That way, you can ensure that you will prevent any injury as well as promote your running form.

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