Are There Any Negative Effects Of Minimalist Shoes?

We have all heard of the positive effects of wearing minimalist shoes from various sources. It is also necessary to take up whatever negative effects of minimalist shoes there are. It is exigent to identify what are these negative effects of minimalist shoes so that we can find solutions to minimize its consequences. Before we dwell on the not-so negative effects, we should first deliberate on the reasons why people want to try minimalist running.

Why opt for minimalist running?

Minimalist running has many benefits when done appropriately. However, these benefits are not the same for every runner. Hence, there are runners who find minimalist running beneficial while others see only negative effects of minimalist shoes in their training. Minimalist running can have various positive effects depending on which areas of running you want to employ the minimalist concept.

If you opt for minimalist shoes, you would find your running style dramatically enhanced while preventing the usual running injuries. If you opt to adopt minimalism in your running attire, you would probably save a lot of money while enjoying the benefits that it will provide you as a runner.

What does minimalist concept means?

Minimalist running is about getting down to the basic essentials. It is base on the concept that less is more and that running as simple is possible is more beneficial. From developing a better running performance to the long-term health benefits on the feet and legs, these are just a few of the benefits you can reap from minimalist running.

Although, you might need to invest in good, branded minimalist running shoes, the benefits you will reap from it will save you money in the end. With so much good things about minimalist running, are there any negative effects of minimalist shoes?

Negative effects of minimalist shoes

Notwithstanding the many benefits that you can reap from wearing minimalist shoes, we need to recognize that there are negative effects of minimalist shoes. These effects however depend on how you accept the changes of minimalism in your running session and how you take to such concept. Minimalist shoes will help you correct the gait you have learned to adopt by wearing well-cushioned traditional shoes.

It will also help strengthen the muscles of your feet and legs as time goes on. However, taking to minimalist running in an instant will yield negative effects of minimalist shoes wearing. If you had been so used to wearing well-padded shoes, you need to adapt slowly to the changes of wearing minimalist shoes. You cannot just wear one and hop into a race without expecting any negative effects of minimalist shoes on your feet. You need to undergo a transition stage where you adjust to the extreme changes of the minimalist concept in running.

Your feet had been weaken from wearing cushioned and well-padded shoes, hence when you jump right out of it and into the low-heeled, zero-drop shoes without proper preparation, you would probably suffer negative effects of minimalist shoes usage.  The transition time depends on the stamina of the person and the capacity of his feet to endure the rigors of minimalist running. He also needs to wear transition shoes that will help him make the transition without much difficulty. These shoes are design with some features of the minimalist shoes and some of the traditional shoes, to help the person get the feel of minimalism.

Negative Health Effects

If the body is unable to adapt to the transition well, especially for older adults, negative side effects of minimalist shoes might manifests. Older adults can have difficulty maintaining the proper posture and balance required in minimalist running. When a person trains too soon wearing minimalist footwear, there is a danger that the sole of the foot will get inflame and Achilles tendonitis will set in.

There are other serious problems, which can arise from using minimalist shoes too soon, without proper preparation and transition. The negative effects of minimalist shoes would then far outweigh whatever benefits that minimalist running is suppose to give to runners. Thus, transitioning to minimalist footwear should be a step-by- step process to reduce the negative effects of minimalist shoes.

Always bear in mind that you can prevent the negative effects of minimalist shoes with proper preparation and transition to minimalist running. One thing that would help you transition smoothly is to choose the most comfortable and appropriate transition minimalist shoes for your particular needs.

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