Metabolic Weight Training Circuits and Interval Training – Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly

Some of you may remember the circuit craze that swept through gyms back in the 80’s. Participants went from one weight machine to another in a pre-arranged circuit spending about thirty seconds at each machine. Well, metabolic weight training has evolved as the next generation of circuit training.

Based on the latest scientific research metabolic weight training circuits incorporate work rest intervals designed to elevate your heart rate and build, rather than breakdown muscle, which occurs when performing endurance cardiovascular workouts.

Metabolic weight training circuits burn a ton of calories as well as strengthen and grow muscle which further helps with your weight / fat loss efforts.

They involve a circuit principally of free weight work stations that use compound multi-joint exercises targeting mainly the largest muscle groups in the body.

Here’s how they work – At each station, and there are usually ten stations, you perform the compound exercise for 15 to 30 seconds. Once you have completed one circuit you then perform two minutes of aerobic exercise, such as jogging, running, or bouncing on a rebounder. You then repeat another complete circuit and a second two minute aerobic activity. You then do two minutes of situps followed by two minutes of burpees. After this, you then perform another ten station circuit followed by the two minutes of aerobic exercise, then the two minutes of situps and two minutes of burpees. You then perform another two minutes of aerobic activity, followed by stretches and cool down.

Do You Know About Performing Interval Training For Effective Weight Loss?

Interval training involves periods of intense exercise followed by an active rest. (Metabolic weight training circuits is a sophisticated type of interval training using weights). You can undertake simple interval training as follows:

You can jog on the pavement, from one street light to the next, then walk from the last street light to the next, then jog from the last street light to the next, repeating the jog / walk cycle for thirty minutes.

You can increase the distances of such interval training as well as increase the intensity by running between streetlights, then jogging between the next set of street lights, performing a running / jogging interval cycle.

The above descriptions provide effective exercises to lose weight quickly, and will allow you to choose a variety of approaches to exercise that will allow you to lose weight as quickly as possible in a healthy manner.

I wish you all the best in your achieving your weight loss goals, and hope you will follow this advice to ensure that you not only reach your goals, but maintain your desired weight and shape throughout your life!

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