These Keys To A Healthy Lifestyle Will Release Your Potential Powerfully!

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Keys To A Healthy Lifestyle

  • Good Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Developing Our Talents
  • Work and Service
  • Optimism
  • Play and Laughter
  • Being True To Who We Are
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Good Nutrition – One of the “Must Do” Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle!
  • The fuel that we put into our bodies can become a huge factor in determining our health.

Who wants to be average?

We all want to be the best we can be at whatever we do. Few of us, however, have any idea how important nutrition is as one of the major keys to a healthy lifestyle. But think about it – what we eat must affect our ability to reach our potential.

Take a high performance car – what happens if you put poor quality fuel in its tank?

Maybe nothing at first – but over time your beautiful machine will crash and burn.

Our bodies are no different and yet for some strange reason we seem to think that we can chuck down our throats whatever we want without affecting our body’s performance.

Well, the truth is we won’t be able to be our best if we continually neglect to put a decent amount of quality food into our mouths. And, not only will our performance be substandard, poor eating could result in our bodies needing major repairs (which usually isn’t a lot of fun).

Check out Healthy Eating Guidelines to give you more information about what healthy nutrition is about.

Exercise – Another One of the Major Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

Our bodies were designed to move and when we don’t move enough are bodies stop functioning right and we gain excess weight, which can eventually result in our becoming ill. Exercising excessively causes it own problems. Balance is the key here – we don’t want to over-do or under-do it.

Exercise, like nutrition is a big subject and to learn more about this important topic, another one of the major keys to a healthy lifestyle, you may like to visit:

Types of Exercise

With exercise please remember that there are many types of exercise, and whether you walk regularly, rock climb, or swim doesn’t matter – what matters is that you exercise regularly and ENJOY what you are doing!!!

Nurturing Relationships has to be seen as another one of the Important Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

Sharing our journey with the people we care about gives our lives real purpose and meaning. There is nothing more wonderful than being with your children watching them grow, sharing joy and laughter and being there for them. Or spending precious moments with your partner exploring ideas, sharing dreams and planning your futures.

When we nurture our relationships they become among life’s most precious, most rewarding and fulfilling gifts. When a married couple puts in the effort to respectfully and courageously communicate, their lives are enriched with each other’s perspective, opening up their ability to truly appreciate the many hues that make life so vibrant and exciting.

On the other side of the coin if we handle our relationships poorly we experience excruciating emotional pain. All of us have felt the intense anguish and pain when we have been hurt because we felt under-valued, or unjustly criticized, or caused someone we loved to have such feelings. So learning how to enrich our relationships is crucial to our happiness in life – another one of the important keys of a healthy lifestyle.

Developing Our Talents

We’ve all been born with certain gifts and talents – whether they involve public speaking, solving maths problems, playing music, sports performance, creating beautiful art, relating to others, writing, designing, healing, organizing – to name a few.

We grow in proportion to the way we develop these talents and literally shrivel in proportion to the degree we neglect them. Neglecting them in a way diminishes who we are while developing them helps us achieve our potential and gives us that deep sense of fulfillment. I hope you can see that this aspect of self development is definitely another of the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

There are some excellent books written on self-development and you will gain a lot from carefully reading and studying these – they can be very helpful in assisting you identify your unique skills and talents.

Work and Service

While giving us a livelihood, work that is meaningful to us can provide us with an avenue for sharing our gifts with others. All too often we can work in areas that do not fulfill our sense of purpose. Sometimes we can’t help that. However, truly fulfilling work brings enormous pleasure in life.

Work can give us a way to serve others, and service greatly enhances our health as we gain a sense of contribution to the wider community. Though I have not written a lot about this topic, it is very important. Too many people these days do not feel fulfilled in their work, yet spend many hours of their lives in a work environment that does not nurture their well-being. Please therefore consider this definitely as one of the most significant keys to a healthy lifestyle.


Having a positive out-look can have a huge effect on your health. Optimists have a knack of rolling with the punches when life gets rough. Being able to handle the inevitable upheavals with a good dose of optimism and hope is essential if we are to get up again when the wind knocks us over, and stand to fight another day.

Without optimism life would weigh us down unbearably and cause emotional anguish which may well translate into disease in the body. An optimistic state of mind where you have a deep sense of gratitude is definitely another one of the must have keys to healthy living.

Play and Laughter

Play and laughter release endorphins in the body that help us overcome and prevent pain. They release nitric oxide into the system which plays a critical role in developing and maintaining wellness. We all need time out to rejuvenate our emotional well-being through undertaking recreational activities that give us a sense of joy, where we feel carefree and in-tune with our enduring youthfulness (no matter how old we may be. You may not have previously considered this time of rejuvenation as one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle – but fun and laughter are truly a wonderful balm for your spirit.

Being True to Who We Are

What do I mean by this? For a start – we all need to be honest with ourselves about what our strengths are and what weaknesses we may have. We can then live our lives in a more effective way. For example – if I am visionary in my thinking it is likely that I will not be so good at dealing with details – so if I have a great idea for a new business venture I would recognize that I should get some advice about developing the idea from those who are naturally “detail people”. By recognizing where I need help I can avoid costly mistakes.

Conversely – if I am a detail person, then when I am presented with a new concept, I need to recognize that while I will be able to drill down into the detail and ensure the finer points are covered off, I must be careful not to allow the detail to bog down my thinking so that I don’t see the bigger picture and its potential.

By knowing our strengths and weaknesses we are better able to contribute in a manner that is both satisfying and effective. Generally what we enjoy doing is what we are good at.

Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and meditation are important keys to a healthy life because they connect us to the essence of who we are – our life force or spirit. They connect us to a Higher Power whatever we choose to call that. In prayer we seek answers to the questions and challenges that life presents. In meditation we listen for the answers.

Prayer and meditation allow us to pause and reflect on our actions, thoughts and feelings and to adjust our course if we need to. Praying and meditating daily allows us to nourish our souls with spiritual food the same way we nourish our bodies daily with material food.

Research into prayer and meditation shows that praying for others health positively affects the health of the person prayed for, as well as our own. Meditation has been shown to increase healthy longevity and is definitely another of the important keys to a healthy lifestyle.

Imelda Despres

Imelda Despres is our writer for the Baby, Health and Beauty categories. She was a nutritionist for 5 years before joining the team. When she's not researching, she enjoys weekend getaways with her family at the lake.

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