Improve Teen Health Issues Naturally

Teen Health Issues Include – Fitness, Nutrition, Self Esteem And Wellness

Teen fitness nutrition and following sensible healthy lifestyle practices can dramatically affect teen athletic performance as well as general teen health issues.

The teen years set the stage for following healthy lifestyle practices in our adult years. When sensible healthy eating habits are followed during our teenage years we are far more likely to continue such excellent habits through our adult life.

Teen Peer Pressure

Parents play a major role in guiding their teenagers to develop healthy lifestyle practices. As parents we need to be aware of the amount of teen peer pressure that can be felt by our children and look at how we can effectively combat any negative influences from their peers.

It is important for parents to recognize that teenage drug abuse is something that they must learn how to protect their own children from.

Teen Nutrition

There is no “one size fits all” parenting method on raising our children through their teen years. There are, however, some basic principles that can assist us raise healthy teens. Excellent teen nutrition, for example, can be provided in our homes with regular healthy meals, teaching our teenage boys and girls to cook their own healthy meals, and from a young age give them fresh salads at most meals, with fresh fruits being available for them to snack on.

Jonathan, my husband, and I have accustomed our children from very young ages to eat salads and cooked vegetables with most meals, and now I get comments of surprise from our friends when our children visit them and gladly accept raw salads and cooked vegetables with their meals.

Increasing Teen Self Esteem – One Of The Major Teen Health Issues

Through healthy eating, taking appropriate health supplements and undertaking suitable exercise programs teen self esteem is increased. The reason for this is because teens who follow a healthy lifestyle are generally very fit and have relatively clear facial skin, allowing them to feel good about themselves.

Not all teenagers will want to play teen sports. If this is the case for your teen I believe it is unhelpful to force him or her into such sports activities as it is likely to create resistance and resentment.

Should this occur in your family I recommend you discuss with your teenager various teen health issues such as, teen obesity which is on the rise, helping them find suitable exercises for teenagers which they can regularly perform 3 to 6 times a week. Such activities could include dance, martial arts, indoor rock climbing, yoga stretching classes, jogging, tai chi and so on.

Avoiding Teen Health Issues

By encouraging teen health and teen fitness through exercise which does not have a sporting component to it teenagers will learn the habit of exercise and are likely to want to continue some form of exercise as they move through their adult years, avoid teen obesity, adult obesity and host of other health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

By the way, please don’t be too concerned if you find your teenager who was exercising regularly loses interest around 18. At this stage in their lives they are becoming more and more independent in their thinking and often want to follow their own path separate to their parents’ advice.

Because they have grown up doing some form of exercise you will likely see by the time they reach 20 or so they have started back into some form of exercise as they will be missing their previous level of fitness and sense of energy and well-being.

Teen Health Issues – Risks

Teen health risks range from very serious – drug abuse, car accidents, STD’s, juvenile diabetes, to a lot less serious – such as pimples and teen acne.

Here is where peer pressure can play a major role in determining the extent to which a teen is exposed to teen health risks.

Depending on the types of friends a teen hangs with they will be pressured either to explore teen sexuality or to find healthy activities to release their energy.

We Can All Be Good Examples For Our Teens

Through our having open conversations with our children from their younger years through their teen years we are able to find ways to guide our children and provide them with a trusted listening ear.

Our greatest gift that we can give our children is the example of our own lives.

Through their seeing that we don’t smoke, consume little, if any alcohol, don’t take recreational drugs, have a happy and strong marriage, cook healthy meals, exercise regularly, have a strong network of wonderful friends; we are giving our children a powerful living example of what it truly means to live joyful, fulfilling and healthy lives!

Imelda Despres

Imelda Despres is our writer for the Baby, Health and Beauty categories. She was a nutritionist for 5 years before joining the team. When she's not researching, she enjoys weekend getaways with her family at the lake.

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