Importance Of Golf In Health

There are ample reasons to spend your next vacation in Tampa; golf is definitely one of them. The city known for its sun, sand and blue sky offers an exceptional golf experience to travelling golfers. By availing the stay and play golf packages in one of the city’s upscale resorts, you can get easy access to restaurants, breweries and other amenities, and tee it off every day at some of the country’s most sought-after courses. Strolling around the rolling greens in fresh air is a great way to recharge your body, to perk up your mood and have fun. Here are more health benefits of wielding your golf club:

A Fun Way to Get Exercise

Concerned about rapid weight gain but hate gymming? Wish that there existed some magic bullets that could help you supercharge your metabolism, and cut down on those harmful cholesterols? Well, golf has answers. A round of golf requires you to walk four to eight miles, and that can help you burn off more than 1000 calories if you carry your clubs. The numbers obviously reduce if you use a cart or ride in a buggy.

Improve Bone Health

Golfing requires you to walk miles carrying your clubs. This weight bearing exercise contributes to lean muscle build-up, which in turn helps strengthen your skeletal structure. You can see the benefits if you go golfing twice or thrice a week. Vitamin D is essential for bon-health and your body can fulfill its vitamin D requirements by catching some direct rays while playing under the sun. A strong skeletal structure helps prevent bone degeneration and keeps diseases such as osteoporosis at bay. However, too much sun exposure is not recommended.

Use It as A Stress-buster

Stress is a silent killer and golf can help you fight it. As you revel in nature, some feel-good hormones called endorphin are slowly released into your bloodstream. Golf thus helps reduce stress level and enhance your mood.

Play Golf to Sleep like A Baby

Sleep helps repair and revitalize your internal organs. A good night’s sleep makes you feel rested and rejuvenated. Physical activities produce sleep-inducing hormones and make you fall asleep faster and remain asleep for a longer span. Since golf involves strenuous activity, it can significantly improve your sleeping pattern.

Power Your Brain

Sending the golf ball to the right hole with a skinny stick calls for immense strategizing, great coordination, and intent focus on you game. All these stimulate those little grey cells in your brain, while creating better neural pathway connections. A stronger brain acts as a deterrent against developing brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Looking forward to a fun-filled escapade to terrific Tampa? Avail stay and play golf packages to mix health and fun. A week at one of the city’s stunning golf resort will surely satisfy the travel enthusiast and fitness freak in you.

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