The Importance of Clear Website Navigation

Everyone is online today. Whether they are selling small items or services, your business needs to have an effective website presence. Good solid web design can do more for your business than any other kind of marketing you can do.

A good business website is the best way to promote the visibility of your business. In fact, statistics from PC World and other in-print and online magazines tell us that today, people are far more likely to search online than to seek out a business by looking in magazines, in telephone books or any other directories.

Everyone, from teenagers to older ages 60-75 is looking for services and products they want online rather than using other methods. Surprising as you may

find this, statistics show that the most rapidly growing group of web users today, using websites to buy as well as to sell, are the over 65 age group. This group of people statistically also are unaccustomed to website use. That makes simplicity and ease of use of your website more important than it has ever been.


What are the most important elements of your online business presence?

Typically the five most important elements of your website will be:

  1. The content
  2. The Advertising
  3. The layout
  4. The Theme
  5. The navigation

Of those elements, the one which is most important to get right is your website navigation. The reason why website navigation is thought to be the most important part of the site, is that without good navigation, the rest of the site simply doesn’t matter. Give people a confusing website navigational structure, and they will click away in droves.

Consider how many times you’ve arrived at a website and found that the navigation was circuitous and difficult to use. When you’re confronted with that sort of handicap on a website, it can become too much bother to find the products or services that you are interested in. In many cases, those who don’t offer good website navigation that is clear, succinct, and easy to use will lose customers for that reason alone.

When the over 65 age group are browsing your site to find a product or service they are interested in, your website navigation will make or break your sales. While younger people are more accustomed to website use for researching or purchasing services and products, the older demographic are typically less patient when it comes to finding what they want.

This means that when you create your website, your first consideration should be on laying out the content in a way that makes sense to the consumer where everything can be easily found. In short, your website navigation should be laid out in such a way that anything they are interested in will be at their fingertips.

Literally, your website navigation should make it possible for your site customers to find precisely what they want at a click of the mouse button. Take an objective look at what your site is offering and how easily it is found. Or better still, ask friends or acquaintances to have an objective look at your site, specifically at the website navigation. If you believe there is room for improvement, perhaps it is time to update your site with a new website design.

Velvet Cater

Velvet Cater graduated from Harvard University. She has the passion and experience in article writing about tech and modern electronics. She wanted to share variety types of review of new tech, how to use, tips and tricks, pros and cons of a particular product and lots more.

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