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How do you clean laminated floors?

Laminated floors require only minimal attention. Sweeping laminated floors will get rid of debris and dirt that can wear down their finish. A cleaning solution should be used periodically in order to remove sticky or dirty areas. The manufacturer of your laminate floors will be able to recommend the best product.

The internet today offers many environmentally friendly products you can make yourself.​

What is the best way to clean hardwood floors?

Wood is one of the most durable materials in the modern world yet without proper maintenance will not provide optimal use. Prevention is always the best way to care for your wooden floors. A regular vacuum, sweep or dusting will remove dirt that would otherwise be tramped into the wood.

Be cautious when using household chemicals on wooden floors. First check if they are suitable. Generally, there are two cleaners available one for a wax finish and one for a surface finish.

For light stains use a #000 steel wool for a wax finish. Once sanded out buff the floor. If your floors are surface finished simply use any recommended cleaner. If stains go deeper you may need to contact a professional.

Oil or grease stains can be easily removed with a recommended cleaner if the floor is surface finished. If it is wax finished it becomes more difficult. Rub the spot with a soap containing lye. You can also place a little hydrogen peroxide on a clean cloth and cover the stain. On top of that place another cloth dipped in ammonia. Keep repeating the process until the stain has disappeared. Follow up with a buffing.​

How do you get rid of mould?

In more humid conditions it is not long before mould begins appearing in places that are not that noticeable such as under the sink or behind the toilet.

Before you start cleaning mould ensure that you wear eye goggles, rubber gloves, a dust filter mask and clothes that can be thrown away. For non-porous items scrub the mould away using a solution containing a normal detergent and water. Once the mould has been removed wait for the area to dry completely before treating with a disinfectant consisting of half cup bleach to each gallon of water. Again ensure that you have good ventilation before spraying as well as the correct safety gear. Soak the area in this solution and leave to dry.

The only way to eradicate mould for good is by removing its ideal growing condition which is moisture. Attend to leaky areas or any other sources that promote moisture.​

How do you get rid of stains on leather?

Getting rid of stains on leather depends on whether it is pigmented. If your leather is pigmented, you will first need to check for color fastness. Apply a little leather cleaner onto an area that is not noticeable. Hold a clean and lint free cloth against it. If the color runs you will notice it on the cloth.

If the leather passes the color fastness test take a sponge and apply leather cleaner to it. Using a gentle circular movement work on the stain until foam appears. Do not rub the area. Leave the foam on the stain for about 5 minutes and then blot with a clean lint free cloth. This method works well for stubborn or old stains.

Most stains can be easily wiped away immediately afterwards with a damp cloth while older stains require a little more attention. Grease stains come away easily with a blotting motion and a solution made from 1-part white vinegar and 1-part water. They can also be attended to with blackboard chalk. Sprinkle the chalk on the area and leave for 24 hours. Do not rub it in, instead using a leather brush remove the powder. Fresh ink stains can be removed with a non-greasy liquid hair spray.

If you need to get rid of mould from porous areas such as carpets or curtains and if the problem is not too severe, sponge the area with a soapy solution and rinse. If the problem is severe the only solution may be to throw these items away.​

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