Herbal Help for Headaches


If there is one type of pain most of us have ever felt, it’s a headache. There are lots of causes. Eye strain, tension, sun, infection and migraines are a few of the causes. The pain ranges from mildly annoying to extreme. None of them are pleasant and the relief when they’re gone is extreme.

Some types of headache are fairly easy to take care of at home. Hay fever and tension headaches seldom need intervention by a doctor, but others should be seen, at least the first time. Once you know why you have the headache, you can choose how to deal with it.

Eye Strain

Eye strain headaches can be caused by multiple things. Squinting at a computer monitor for long periods of time is currently a chief culprit, but others exist. Reading fine print, sewing and any other task that requires the eyes to focus and track for long periods of time can be a cause.

While it is more likely that you will need glasses as you get older, young people may develop a need for them due to eye strain. Computers are becoming much more common in schools, and many jobs also require computer use on a regular basis. If you suspect eye strain, a trip to the eye doctor might be in order.

That is not to say glasses are the only thing that can help. While they may make future headaches less likely, there is at least one useful home remedy. You’ve probably seen it on commercials for spas, but it’s there because it works. Slices of fresh cucumber placed over the eyes may help a great deal.


Sinus and other infections that cause headaches really require the skill of a doctor to diagnose and treat. However, once you are aware this is the problem, there are some complementary treatments that may help.

Remember Grandma’s chicken soup? It was chock full of vegetables and herbs. Just the thought of it can make my mouth water. There is at least one reason the broth may help. Usually, loads of garlic are added, and garlic has some properties of an antibiotic. While there are a few herb/drug interactions, for the most part the amounts found in food are safe.


I have seen people suffer from migraines, but have been largely blessed to be free of them. The effectiveness of medications for them are highly individual, but thankfully there are some.

Herbally, the best bet seems to be feverfew. While not all studies agree, most indicate this herb may have some effectiveness. There are a few side effects and some herb/drug interactions. The most important of those is that feverfew may contain some salicin. If you are allergic to aspirin, you may be allergic to feverfew.


I’m going to mention headaches caused by the sun, but I’m not going to give you herbs to help. If you have a headache that may have been caused either by too much exposure to the sun or from extremely high temperatures, get to an emergency room. This sort of headache may mean sunstroke and that is deadly. Please seek care immediately.

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