Finding The Right Minimalist Dress Shoes

Minimalist footwear for running has been the talk of the industry since it was first introduced in the market. However, only a little is known about minimalist dress shoes. Yes, we do need it, or at least those who want to enjoy the benefits of the minimalist concept even beyond engaging in active workouts.  Most of us has to work and only spends some limited time in working out and in running. Hence, getting a minimalist dress shoes to complement our office get up would be something that is very beneficial to our health as well as to our pockets.

Why opt for minimalist dress shoes?

Much has been said about the benefits of minimalist footwear in the field of walking, running, trail hiking and other active sports. However, except for the walking, people only usually engage in these activities for some part of their time.  Except for full-time athletes who do these activities routinely, most of us who has to work full time just have to schedule these workouts in between our hectic schedule.  Why not opt for a minimalist dress shoes therefore, which you can wear for most of your activities during the day, including that of reporting to the office, wearing the footwear that would provide you the most benefits in the long run?  

If we had been used to wearing well-padded, cushioned shoes, only making some little time to wear minimalist running footwear would make it difficult for us to transition to the minimalist concept in shoe wear. It would be better if we can wear a minimalist shoe that we can wear throughout the day, without looking incongruous. We know that some of the extreme minimalist footwear would simply be out of place with your formal suit or dress. Hence, the need to find a minimalist dress shoe that would give you the much needed benefits as well as still look good with your attire.

The benefits of minimalist shoes

Transitioning to the minimalist concept when you had been used to the traditional footwear would take some time and effort, if you want to reap the benefits of the concept. It is a slow process that you need to adhere to if you do not want to hurt yourself instead. Yes, getting on to the minimalist footwear without much preparation can probably harm your feet.  You would be able to reap its maximum benefits if you take it slow but surely. If you cannot make a full time effort to do this because you are busy with other endeavors, it would be better to wear minimalist dress shoes which you can wear to just about any other semi-formal to formal gatherings and functions.

Where to find minimalist dress shoe?

The truth is, only a few manufacturers have ventured to produce formal yet chic minimalist dress shoes, that provides the comfort and benefits you can usually reap from wearing your minimalist running shoes. The minimalist concept has not been easily accepted by people, considering the thousands of years of believing that a well-padded shoes will protect the feet more than a thin-soled shoe can. However, it is just a matter of finding the right fit for your particular needs. Manufacturers like Terra Plana, Vivo barefoot and Zenger ninja low have produced minimalist dress shoes which offer the benefits of minimalist running shoes while still looking dressy enough for more formal activities.

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