Facts To Know About The Endangered Timber Wolves

Timber wolves are also known as better known as Gray wolves. They are powerful wild dogs which are found in parries grasslands, forests and mountain ranges. Wolves are believed to attack humans but statistics and reports say that the number of human attacks by wolves is meager.

But the true fact is to worry about these wolves which are enlisted in endangered species. Here are some interesting facts about  these rare species.

Timber wolves habitat:

The Timber Wolf populations are found in the tundra regions of Alaska, Canada, Northwest pacific regions, and northern parts Europe and Russia. The timber wolves once freely ranged from New England Range to the Great Lakes . Also had their habitat in southeastern Canada to the Hudson Bay.

Eastern timber wolves:

Eastern timber wolves are the subspecies of the gray wolf, which is one of the endangered species. The eastern timber wolves live in only 3 percent of its original range in the U.S. Larger populations are found in the northern Minnesota region .There are smaller population in Wisconsin and Michigan. In north eastern parts of U.S. these wolves are almost extinct.

Food and behavior:

These wolves can grow up to 6 and a half feet in length. They are ferocious hunters and they have long sharp teeth. In winter season many timber wolves will be found in a pack for hunting their food. They feed on smaller animals like rabbits and birds.

Also attack reindeer and elks when in a large pack. Timber Wolves will also thrive on any dead animals they find . Wolves usually kill animals that are the easier to attack young, old or wounded ones. Sometimes they might even eat nuts and berries.

Wolves live as complex social structures as “a pack” which is headed by a breeding adult pair known as the alpha male and alpha female. The pack size may vary depending on the size of the prey available. Wolves communicate within the pack by howling, scent marking and body postures.

Breeding season:

Timber wolves usually mate in the months of January or February. The female give birth two months later An average litter contain three to seven pups.

Cool facts about timber wolves:

Timber wolves are related dogs and jackals. Their height can range from 26 to 32 inches at shoulder and weigh 50 to 115 pounds. Females are usually slightly smaller. Timber wolves can have up to 11 pups in a birth. They feed their young ones by throwing up the food.

Protection of timber wolves:

These timber wolves are at their chance of extinction due to illegal hunting and persecution. Timber wolves are responsible for control of the smaller animals in their natural habitat. With the decrease in the population of wolves the population of smaller animals and rodents goes uncontrolled.

Scientists believe that the wolves lived in the northeastern parts U.S. are different from those wolves that live in the Great Lakes. There are measures taken to restore them to their original habitat.

Many wildlife defenders are being active supporter of conservation of timber wolves.

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