Exercises For Women Promote Youthful Vitality

What Are The Best Exercises For Women?

The truth is that most exercise programs that suit a man will suit a woman, since we have bones and muscles in the same places!

The Differences Between Women And Men?

The difference for women is that we have an extra layer of fat under our skin which nature has given us to allow us to endure periods of food shortages for longer and help our children survive. Nature has also given us the ability to obtain pound for pound 2/3 of men’s strength in our hips glutes and thighs, in order to have the capacity of strength needed for child bearing.

Men’s extra testosterone in their systems gives them greater over all musculature and minus that extra layer of insulating fat that we have they can get greater definition in their muscles. For fitness and musculature definition women need to exercise with sufficient intensity to see results.

A Real Life Example – Our Daughter’s Exercise Program

Our daughter, Laura is a world class athlete – she came ninth in the world, at the 2010 World Surfing Games held in Peru, and is the 2010 New Zealand Open Women’s National Champion.

The reason I am using her exercise program as an example, is to drive home the point that her training is very similar to most other top world class male surfers’ exercise programs, because whether you are a female surfer or a male surfer, you both want to achieve the same performance goals. I am hoping this will help you figure out that when it comes to exercises for women, what works for women, works for men – and what works for men, works for women.

Are There “Magic” Exercises For Women?

So, please don’t think that as a female you need to train in any special way.

Having said that, if you want to lose weight, and are less concerned about athletic performance for a specific sport, you would definitely be training differently from an athlete who has specific performance goals in mind. But that is true for both women and men!

In our downloadable books you will learn exactly what exercises you should do to achieve your goals, whether you are looking at gaining strength, becoming more flexible, wanting to lose weight, or improve athletic performance.

Rather Than Thinking About Special Exercises For Women, Consider Special Exercises For Specific Goals

Losing weight will require a different way of exercising compared to someone who is wanting to purely get stronger or become more flexible.

Take walking, as an example of a type of exercise.

If you want to lose weight and you enjoy walking, then your goal would be to walk at quite a slow to moderate pace, for at least 40 minutes, so that your body burned fat to obtain it’s energy.

If your objective was to prepare for a 5 mile walking race, you would be looking to set time goals, so your speed became faster and faster. In which case your body would be burning sugar taken from your muscles, as opposed to getting most of its energy from your fat stores.

Please note that the above explanation is not entirely scientifically accurate, but I don’t want to get into too much mind-numbing detail, as the point I want to make is that different exercise goals will require to some extent, different ways of exercising.

For any female looking for exercises for women specifically, I would encourage you to consider first and foremost your current level of health and fitness, seek medical advice as appropriate, and decide exactly what your exercise goals are.

Imelda Despres

Imelda Despres is our writer for the Baby, Health and Beauty categories. She was a nutritionist for 5 years before joining the InsideReviewed.com team. When she's not researching, she enjoys weekend getaways with her family at the lake.

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