The Diet Solution: Start Burning Fat Now

I’ve been trying out a new program for dieting recently to really push my weight loss. They have a video to start things out that gives you a ton of information. Basically they promise typical results of 3-10 pounds in your first week. I’ve definitely done that since starting. They also say that if you change your lifestyle to follow the whole program, you can keep the weight off for the long run.

They explain sugars, carbs, fats, and other chemicals that affect your ability to lose fat. I have been working out on top of all of that too. The biggest pull-away I have from the whole thing is to watch the ingredients on the food you’re buying. They have some pretty great recipes too. The other big take-away from the program is that if you make positive changes to your life, those are positive changes and constantly striving to eat better will help you lose fat.

They have a ton of free resources, which include articles and videos. I was totally blown away when I actually got into the actual program. The great thing about actually being a part of the program is the motivational aspects of working directly with Isabel and have someone actually driving your success.

What’s really cool is they’ll give you your money back if it doesn’t work. Go give it a look. I implore you to at least watch the first video and check out the free resources, because those are extremely insightful in themselves.

Imelda Despres

Imelda Despres is our writer for the Baby, Health and Beauty categories. She was a nutritionist for 5 years before joining the team. When she's not researching, she enjoys weekend getaways with her family at the lake.

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