Choosing the Right Punching Bags for Kids

The problem every parent has, is how to allow their kids to keep fit whilst at the same time allowing them to remain safe. A great way that you can help your kids get fit and avoid health problems such as obesity is to get them a punching bag for kids.

How To Choose the Right Punching Bags for Kids

Most punch bags that are designed for adults are very heavy and cumbersome. They are made from heavy duty materials and as such are completely useless for children to work out on. Thankfully there are several different types of punching bags for kids that come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

When considering buying a punching bag, one thing to bear in mind is that children grow quickly. If you are going to invest in a new punch bag for your kid, it may be worth getting an adjustable one so that your child will grow into it.

Lightweight Inflatable Punch Bags

Lightweight Inflatable Punch Bags

One of the cheapest and most lightweight types of punch bag is the inflatable type. These come in variety of flavors including clowns, cartoon characters and action heroes. The very lightweight versions are not weighted at the bottom and will rebound when kicked. Being so light, they won’t cause harm or injury. These are great for budding martial arts or kick boxers who want to get a feel for working out whilst having fun. Aimed at young children, these won’t be adjustable but are very affordable. ‘Everlast’ produce several inflatable kids punching bags.

Adjustable Kids Punching Bags

Adjustable Kids Punching Bags

If you’re looking for an adjustable punching bag, the most common type have an adjustable stand which can be adjusted anywhere between 32 inches to 48 inches. Normally made with a plastic base that can be weighted by adding water, they come with a large strike area of 12 inches x 9 inches. This makes it easy for anybody to have fun with. Aimed mainly at the 4 years to 10 year age range, they provide an economical safe way for your children to enjoy exercise and keep fit.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to buy a punching bag for older children in the 10 years + age range, it may be worth considering a slightly heavier leather punch bag that either stands free or hangs from a bracket attached to the ceiling or wall. Alternatively, why not try a speed bag or ball. Speed bags are usually hung from a bracket and provide a great way for your kids to enjoy fast paced boxing fun.

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