Weekly Checklist for House Cleaning

Unfortunately, our homes do not clean themselves. For some cleaning might be second nature, but for the majority of us cleaning is just plain daily work. However, there are many essential chores that can be done on a weekly basis and which will help keep your home clean, neat and healthy.

Checklist for House Cleaning

Creating your own Checklist

With our busy lives many people rely on keeping some sort of diary or checklist in their daily lives. House cleaning should be no different. Keeping a constant reminder of items that need attending to will help cut down on time and energy. A checklist will also ensure that nothing important is left out. Consider a checklist as something helpful rather than a hindrance.

The Benefits of Using Checklist for House Cleaning

First a checklist will ensure that you are covering all the weekly cleaning that needs to be done. It will help ensure that the areas you want cleaned will not be forgotten. As you go along you can amend the list to suit.

Using a checklist will help speed up the entire cleaning process as you will eventually get into a rhythm of repetition of cleaning in a certain order. Before you know it your chores will become second nature. A checklist is also able to show who is responsible for which areas or items. Dividing cleaning chores amongst family or housemates will not only speed up the process but will help alleviate one person from carrying the entire load.

Professional home cleaners use checklists as they find them the most efficient method for ensuring optimum cleaning. Post your checklist in an area where it can be seen and start cleaning.​

Step 1​

There are essential tasks that need to be done on a weekly basis. Start be breaking down each room under a separate heading and tackle them on this basis. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly it will help you get your home cleaned quickly and efficiently and secondly it will prevent your entire home from becoming uninhabitable while you are cleaning.

Step 2

Tackle your cleaning chores in the order you write them down. The secret is in creating a list that helps you clean efficiently. Start with chores from the top down and in a clockwise method. For instance start with dusting pelmets, tops of cabinets, picture frames and door frames. Dust and wipe shelves and ornaments, all the while working around the room. Straighten up closets and dressing area, remove and change laundry in the bedrooms. Straighten up bookshelves and ornaments before finishing with a vacuum or mopping. Dust appliances carefully, or use a slightly damp cloth to remove dust.

Step 3

The kitchen requires daily cleaning plus a few weekly chores such as cleaning the refrigerator, microwave and stove. Dust on top of cupboards and wipe ornaments or small appliances free of grime. Remove garbage bags, wash out the bin, and insert a new garbage bag. Wipe down cabinet doors and handles and last vacuum the floor before mopping.

Step 4

Apart from a daily cleaning of the bath and sink, showers need weekly attention. Use a cleaning solution suitable for tiles, glass and shower fixtures spray and leave for a few minutes before scrubbing and rinsing. Use the same cleaning method on taps and mirrors. Wipe cabinet doors and handles, tidy up shelves, do the laundry and replace used towels with fresh ones. Lastly mop the floors.

Step 5

After you have completed your checklist per room ascertain what cleaning materials you will need. Gather them together and keep them close at hand while you are working. This will cut down on cleaning time and ensure that you have the right solution for each task.

Step 6

Divide or allocate chores amongst family members. Using a checklist will help each one identify what they are responsible for and will help cut down on energy and time. Ask your children which tasks they prefer as this will get them involved and instill a sense of accountability. Offer them small rewards for tasks completed and try not to overwhelm them. Try to make it fun so that they remain fully involved in the process.

Cleaning your home does not have to be difficult or unpleasant. If you keep a consistent schedule and follow a few basis guidelines such as a checklist, you will find that your home will remain clean, tidy and inviting with minimal effort.​

Final Note

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