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Most of us have carpets in our homes. Indeed 70% of domestic floor areas in America are carpeted. Before we get into carpet cleaning tips, we need to consider what we are cleaning and why we need carpet care? Many people have the misconception that carpets are not good for your health. In truth, the opposite is true if you keep your carpet clean.

A Clean Carpet is a Healthy Carpet

One of my friends, the owner of a cleaning Service in Dubai provides some handy tips to clean a carpet efficiently. Here you go

carpet cleaning tips

Think of your carpet as a filter, for anything you could potentially breathe in like dust and allergens. Unlike wood or laminate and other smooth surfaces, a carpet traps airborne particles whereas other surfaces allow them to circulate in the air.

Putting it a different way, if it falls on your carpet, it will tend to stay on your carpet and therefore it is much easier to pick this up by vacuuming than trying to extract it from the air.

If you think of your carpet in these terms, the importance of keeping it clean takes on a new meaning. Keep your carpet clean and well maintained and it will actually improve the quality of the air in your home.

carpet cleaning

Other than for health reasons, the other reason for finding out how to clean a carpet property is that you will want to keep it looking good and get as many years use out of your investment as you can. Carpeting a room is not cheap these days particularly if you go for a carpet with a high wool content as opposed to synthetic. I would always recommend that you go for the best quality carpet you can afford and maintain and clean it regularly. Do this and they can literally last a lifetime.

When cleaning a carpet and establishing a cleaning cycle, it is best to start by considering how heavily the carpet and room are being used. A hall carpet for example will require more frequent cleaning than a bedroom carpet and therefore will require more care and attention. Also consider what you are going to need to clean the carpet. Clearly this starts with a good quality vacuum cleaner. I stress good quality because you want one that will do its job and not just move the dirt and dust around. I would recommend you go for an upright cleaner with a robust beating action. You will need a strong suction model and it is important to keep it clean to ensure that it is working efficiently. Apart from anything else, an upright cleaner will be much kinder on your back. Also ensure that it comes with the appropriate attachments for cleaning corners, skirting boards and stairs.

To keep your carpet in top condition, heavy traffic areas should be vacuumed at least every other day and for low traffic rooms, twice a week should do.

If you decide to invest in a wet cleaner, be sure that you know what your carpets are made of when choosing which model to go more. Perhaps more than this, check the ingredients of the solutions recommend for use with the wet cleaner to ensure they are suitable for your carpet. I would always recommend (regardless of what the instructions say) trialing some appropriately diluted solution on a patch of the carpet that won’t easily be seen. Apply the solution, allow to dry and then vacuum. If it fades or discolors the carpet in any way, it will most likely be down to two things:​

  • The solution is not right for your carpet.
  • The mix of the solution was too strong.

For most domestic carpets (on top of your weekly vacuuming regime) wet cleaning twice a year should suffice. Be sure that you leave your windows open during and after the cleaning process to allow the chemicals to disperse and for the carpet to fully dry out. Please ensure that the carpet is totally dry before returning any furniture to the room as placing any type of furniture onto a wet carpet will cause damage.

Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Stop it getting dirty in the first place. This may seem like a strange thing to say but if you want to keep your carpet in good condition, prevention is always better than cure.
  • Take outdoor shoes off when entering the house and encourage everyone else to as well. Some people find it difficult to ask visitors to their home to take their shoes off but why? Where have their shoes been? Say for example you and your friends have been out for a meal and have used the restaurants restroom facilities. Imagine what is then going to be lurking on their shoes and ask yourself, “Do I want this on my carpet?” Of course you don’t.
  • Place door mats or rugs at the entrances to your property to prevent dirt and grit going further into your home. Try to isolate the dirt and grime where possible.
  • Deal with any spillages immediately. Scrape of as much of the hard material as possible with something blunt like a spoon and if it’s liquid, blot with the excess with a cloth or paper towel.
  • Don’t rub or scrub stains. This will either only spread the problem or push it deeper into the carpet. It may also damage the fibers of the carpet. So gently does it.
  • If you are applying a cleaning fluid, only use enough to moisten the carpet. Blot until dry and repeat the process.
  • Use gloves if you are using any form of cleaning materials. They can contain some very toxic ingredients which you won’t want on your skin.

Follow the instructions. In everything that you use. Hope, these carpet cleaning tips help!

Final Note

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