Bissell CleanView with OnePass 9595 Review

The Bissell CleanView with OnePass offers a quick cleaning solution for active households.  Designed to get your cleaning done in less time, this spectacular tool will have you done and off to more important things in no time flat.

Quick Overview

With powerful suction and an innovative brush design, you get a better clean the first time – so you spend less time covering the same area.  The strong suction power does not lose suction and can handle pet hair and other debris easily. The Cyclonic System traps dirt and dust quickly and will maintain suction – giving you a deep clean every time you use it.

The CleanView Vac is OK with Pet Hair

While the vacuum boasts of being equally versatile on all surfaces, some people have indicated that tile and hardwood floors are not as well cleaned as carpeting.  For homes with a lot of hardwood floors you might consider the Dyson DC41 Upright or the Miele s2121 Olympus Canister Vac.

If you have a pet that sheds, you may notice some hair “escaping” from the sides of the vacuum, but it is simple to catch them with either the attachment or just run the cleaner over them again.  Depending on how heavy your throw rugs are, they sometimes get sucked up into the brush (the suction is REALLY strong) when you sweep over them.  It seems easier to just shake your rugs out (shake them over the carpet before you vacuum them!) and not sweep them.

Top Features

The vacuum has adjustable height, and can be raised or lowered to accommodate different flooring needs.  Adjusting the height to the proper flooring level will also help eliminate the “scatter effect” of dirt being spread by the spinning brush.  Lightweight (it weighs in at only fifteen pounds), it is easy to handle and can be used for frequent cleanings as needed.  With a twenty-five foot power cord, you can get more cleaned with one plug in.

Great Bissell Bagless System

Using a bagless system is cost efficient – saving you money on having to replace bags and filters.  The easy to empty canister is quickly and easily removed and cleaned, getting you back up and running right away.  With a simple push of a button, the canister can be removed and cleaned.  In addition, the washable foam filter makes maintaining the clean air in your home a breeze.

CleanView OnePass Power and Suction

The CleanView offers 12 amps of power to easily rival it’s more expensive counterparts in available power.   Your biggest mess is no match for a vacuum with this much power and suction. Kids? No problem.  Shedding, long-haired dog? Doesn’t stand a chance.  Cats? Simple and quick.

How About Attachments

Equipped with a TurboBrush tool, a crevice tool, dusting brush and extension wand, the CleanView can handle any vacuuming need you may have.  With the crevice tool, you can reach those tight quarters in the couch and along the baseboard of the wall.  The turbo brush tool lets you quickly handle cleaning areas such as staircases, upholstery and furniture.  Using the extension wand gives you access to the top of your window treatments, and in hard to reach areas under the couch.  The attachments are all stored on board, making them easy to snap on and off – so you can quickly and easily change between cleaning chores.  With this variety of attachments, it is easy to make your vacuum the center of your cleaning routine – it can handle doing a variety of tasks making your cleaning routine easier and shorter.

What is Good About Bissell CleanView

The best part about the Bissell Cleanview with Onepass 95959 is the suction power.  You don’t have to sweep the same area over and over to get it clean – most of the debris and dust is picked up on the first sweet (hence the One Pass part of the name) and your floors are cleaner than ever.  The worst part? The foam filter does its job really well, and you have to clean it rather frequently.  It’s a great problem to have – it is doing exactly what you want – but can still be a pain.

Bissell CleanView with OnePass Review Summary – 5 Stars

A two year warranty covers defective or malfunctioning parts – giving you peace of mind about your purchase.    Some assembly is required, but it is easily managed with a screwdriver.  With a low price point, you will be amazed at the results from this economical cleaner.  When you want a deep clean, for less money and in less time, the Bissell Cleanview with Onepass 9595 not only will meet your expectations, it will exceed them. Still not convinced, you can check out more Bissell vacs in the Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Reviews section.

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