The Best Shark Steam Mop Reviews 2018

If you've been in the market for steam mops or steam cleaners, you have probably heard of Euro-Pro's Shark Steam Mop. This steam mop is one of the more popular varieties available in larger retail stores and is very well known. Euro-Pro makes several different steam cleaners. This review covers the steam mop pictured at left, the Euro-Pro Shark S3501 Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop.

Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop Reviews

This lens does not compare the Shark to other steam mops. It is solely a review of the Shark. For a review on how the Shark measures up to other steam cleaners, please visit my lens on steam mop comparisons.​

Shark Steam Mop Reviews

Note on Steam Cleaners in General

If you've never considered buying a steam mop, they are highly worth considering. They will revolutionize the way you clean your floors, save you tons of time and are green products that do not employ the use of harsh chemicals and are good for your family to boot! No matter which steam mop you choose, you will never go back to the old mop and bucket system or a Swiffer ever again. I took the plunge and switched over about a year ago and I am never going back! My old Swiffer is now garage sale fodder and I actually like cleaning my floors now!

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How Easy Is It To Use The Shark Steam Mop?

How easy is the Shark to use from pulling it out of the closet to actually starting to clean the floor? The Shark steam mop gets 4 stars for being extremely user friendly. I simply put water in the tank, which is very easy since you can see the water level through a clear part on the front that lets you always see the water level. No measuring needed.

best Shark Steam Mop

After adding water, turning the unit on and waiting a very short while (like, 30 seconds!), I was ready to steam. To clean the floors, you simply push and pull the unit back and forth over your floor. It was as simple as that! I found this steam mop to be a very convenient one to use.

Another bonus? Once your steam mop pad is dirty, simply flip it over and use the other you continue steaming. You don't have to stop cleaning and get another pad to replace the soiled one. You don't even have to bend down to flip the pad over or take it off and put it back on. The mop head has a flipping mechanism on it, making it very convenient. Pads are double sided for extra convenience.

I test the Shark on my kitchen floor and I have a very average sized kitchen. It took me less than 5 minutes to clean the entire floor.

Dry time is about 1-2 minutes. It doesn't dry instantly, but it's not bad compared to traditional mopping methods.​


With this steam mop, as with any best steam mop or traditional mop or Swiffer, you still need to vacuum your floor to get off loose dirt and debris before cleaning.

How Quickly Does The Shark Heat Up From Start To Finish?

How fast does the Shark Steam mop heat up after turning the power on before you can start cleaning? Don't bother to sit down with a magazine while you wait, because the Shark heats up in about 30 seconds. I waited a minute just to be safe, but you will hear the steam around 30 seconds when the mop is ready to go. I couldn't believe how fast this mop heated up when I tried it out.

How Well Does The Shark Steam Mop Clean Your Floor?

I gave the Shark 3.5 stars on ability to clean. Although this is very non-scientific, after I was finished cleaning my kitchen floor, my floor both looked squeaky clean and felt very clean to the touch. It felt clean and not at all sticky. For this reason, I would have given the Shark 4 stars if this were my only evaluation.

Euro-pro doesn't publish statistics on how high the temperature of their steam gets, but it doesn't seem to be very hot. However, the Shark does claim to disinfect and kill germs, including e-coli.

My floor also had some caked on food in a couple places that needed a little extra TLC. In this case, I let the Shark rest on the spots in question for a few seconds longer and then went over them in a back and forth motion until the food had come off. I did not experience any trouble getting the caked on food to come off and I did not have to bend down or scrape to help loosen the food at all. The Shark S3501 did a great job cleaning my floor. (And just between you and me, my kitchen floor was pretty darn dirty at the time of this review. I did not expect such good results on a floor as dirty as mine was the day that I reviewed this steam mop. But let's just keep that between ourselves)​

How Durable Does Euro-Pro's Shark Steam Mop Feel?

I gave the Shark 4 stars on durability. It does feel somewhat "plasticky", but the construction is solid and it feels durable when you use it, although very lightweight. I did not like that you have to "pump" the mop to release the steam in a forward pushing motion. This aspect of the Shark S3501 feels somewhat flimsy and like it could break from the constant motion at the top of the handle. However, it worked just fine and I did not have a problem with it, although I did not prefer the motion. Overall, this feels like a very solid steam mop.


To do this review, I borrowed this steam mop from a friend who has had it for over a year and has had no problems in this area at all. I used the Shark twice to get a good feel for how it operated and also had no problems with the durability. I was tempted to give it 3 stars in this area because I didn't like the feel of the push forward motion, but I have no reason to believe that this actually affects durability and it does have a solid construction, thus I gave it 4 stars.

The Euro-Pro Shark S3501 Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop

The price has recently dropped on Amazon, making this a great buy right now. If you're in the market for the Shark, now is a great time to snag one and take advantage of free super-saver shipping.

Here's what's included with the steam mop:

  • 2 interchangeable mop heads
  • 4 microfiber cleaning pads
  • 1 carpet glider attachment
best Shark Steam Mop

How Easy Is It To Maneuver?

I gave the Shark Delux Steam Pocket Mop 3 stars on maneuverability. While the functionality is just fine, I thought it was a bit clunky and awkward. The Shark has 180-degree swivel steering, which can be an asset in some situations, but which I found slightly cumbersome. This may be a big plus for someone who has a lot of obstacles that they need to steer around, but if you mainly need it for a basic layout this function can be cumbersome. I found myself tying to keep the steam mop from moving around too much as I cleaned. Although I didn't love this feature, I would not hesitate to use the Shark again and for this reason.

One other thing to mention. The cord can get in the way as you clean. While not completely ideal, the easiest solution is just to put the cord over your shoulder...problem solved.​

Cord Length, Water Tank, Attachments

The Shark has a 15-ounce water tank, so the steam mop lasts a good amount of time before you have to replenish water. It also has a 30-foot power cord, which is highly useful so you don't have to move from plug to plug very often. Also included with the unity are extras: a steam duster pad, two rectangle pads, a triangle pad for cleaning corners and the carpet glider attachment. In the two times that I have used this mop, I have not seen any need for the corner attachment, but I have really appreciated the extra-long cord. Euro-pro has done a good job adding useful extras and thinking about the features of their product. It's also a nice looking steam mop, with an ergonomic design.

The Shark is also safe to use on any hard, sealed surfaces. In addition, it uses normal tap water, whereas some steam mops work best with or must use distilled water.​

You May Want to Consider Extra Pads For the Shark. Extra Pads Mean Less Frequent Wash Times.​

best Shark Steam Mop Reviews

PRO's For Shark Deluxe Pocket Steam Mop

The Shark has a lot of pros. Overall; this is a really great steam mop.

  • Non-toxic to people and the environment!
  • VERY short 30-second heat time!
  • Sleek looking design
  • Ergonomic design makes it comfortable to push around
  • Adjustable handle makes it great for all heights
  • Extra long 30-foot cord
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Mop head is very low to the ground, making it easy to reach underneath cramped spaces (like the fridge)
  • Can use both sides of the mop head for cleaning
  • Good sized water capacity

CON's For Shark Deluxe Pocket Steam Mop

Overall, the Shark is a solid steam mop, but here are things I would change if I could.

  • Slightly jerky pull/push steam release motion
  • Lower steam temperature
  • The Shark isn't cheap, But think about the cost of all those Swiffer refills, plus the amount of time it saves you to use a steam mop instead of a more traditional mop.

Is The Shark Steam Mop Right For You?

A Solid Investment For People On The Go

The Shark is a solid, well-made steam mop and it's popular for a reason. I'd call this steam mop a slightly above average steam mop that offers great value for it's price. If you've got tile floors throughout your entire house, you may want to invest in something a little more industrial. But for the average person who's going to use this in the kitchen, bathrooms, and maybe one other room, you really can't go wrong with the Shark. It's an all-around solid investment and so easy to use, even a child could figure it out.​

Buy the Shark if you're someone primarily looking for super-quick start to finish steam cleaning that will do the trick in a pinch.​

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