Some of The Best Orange Vacuum Cleaners Reviewed

I have found a lot of really great orange vacuum cleaners and put them all right here on this one page. Yep, it took a while, but it was fun! I love orange stuff!

I've found lots of Electrolux orange vacuums, Hoover, upright, canister, name it, it's here.

The best one of all tho, is the orange ROBOT vacuum! Why vacuum when you could have a robot vacuum to do it FOR you?!?!

Orange Vacuum Cleaners

Scroll on down and let's take a look at all these orange vacuum cleaners.​

Top-Rated Orange Vacuum Cleaners

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Grab some coffee, sit back and relax while you browse all the orange vacuum cleaners I've found.

Lots of reviews to look thru as well that are SUPER helpful.

Best Orange Electrolux Vacuum​

This is a really, really great cordless AND bagless vacuum cleaner.The fact that it's orange is just icing on the cake!

The really cool part is that middle part of the vacuum you see... well that pops out to be a little handheld vacuum (think like a little Dirt Devil). Cool, right?

It really is... and it's a really powerful vacuum both when used as an upright or as the hand-held.

This orange vacuum also has a swivel head so it's super easy to maneuver and get in all those nooks and crannies.

Perfect for vacuuming in the kitchen - and if you have an orange kitchen, this is the perfect vacuum cleaner!​

Orange Canister Vacuum

hard to find, but an awesome orange canister vac​

This is a great orange canister vacuum made by Sebo, the only problem is - it's super hard to find one!

Last time I checked, there was only ONE left...they just don't stay in stock long at all.

Otherwise, it's a really lightweight canister vacuum cleaner making it easy to work with. It's also pretty darn quiet for a vacuum cleaner.

If you're interested, just click to check availability to see if there's any available and/or get more details.

Orange Robot Vacuums

robotic vacuum cleaners save the day!​

So answer me this...

WHY would you EVER do your own vacuuming when you could get this nifty orange robotic vacuum cleaner to do it FOR you?

I don't know about you, but I am totally fine letting this orange Roomba do the dirty work for!

These things are awesome... they don't go toppling down stairs, they're awesome on both carpet and hardwood and kitchen floors. They don't get hung up on throw rugs or in electrical cords either.

Just think about it - never push a vacuum cleaner again.

Awesome, right?

Oh, and if you've got pets like I do - this thing is GREAT for pet hair!

Orange Kenmore Canister Vacuum Cleaner

I'm having a hard time locating an orange Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner, but I'll keep looking. In the about a giggle?

I have cats so this TOTALLY made me laugh!​

Final Notes ​

Orange Kenmore Canister Vacuum CleanerI'm having a hard time locating an orange Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner, but I'll keep looking. In the about a giggle?

I have cats so this TOTALLY made me laugh!

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