The Best Home Remedies For Asthma You Can Trust

Do you know that the most common symptoms in many allergies is Asthma? That’s why you have to know how to treat asthma effectively.

There are many sources in the internet that you can use as your guide to treat your asthma, but most of them are artificially made by using several chemical ingredients.

Home Remedies For Asthma

Do you want to know the natural home remedies for asthma that you can use to treat your asthma effectively? Here, I will share some tips that you can use right from your house.

Avoid cold air

You should limit yourselves from going outside your house when the weather is cold or at least protect your nose and mouth from cold air. Many experts believe that cold air could exaggerate your asthma problem.

Avoid dairy products

Dairy products, such as cheese and milk, could worsen your allergies and cause asthma. Some people with lactose intolerance are also very sensitive with milk. So just make sure that you avoid or at least reduce your dairy consumption.


Yes, you could use honey to treat your asthma problem. It is very effective for asthma because it contains bee pollen that has ability to reduce and eliminate the symptoms.

Vitamin C

Some of my patients have asthma problem during night time. You might have the same problem with them. It is very recommended for you to take enough vitamin C from your daily diets. It is very effective to reduce asthma problem during night time. You can find many vitamin C from many sources, such as fruit and vegetables. Lemon is one of the best source of vitamin C.

Clean your house

Dust in your house could trigger for your symptoms. Just make sure that you keep your house as clean as possible to minimize the symptoms. During pollen season, you might want to close every window and door at your house to prevent some pollen coming into your house. Just for your information, pollen is very potential to cause the asthma problem.


Another thing that is very effective to reduce the symptoms is garlic. It is a natural source that can help you to get relieved from asthma problem. You can add some additional garlic for tonight’s dinner. You can also combine garlic cloves with ginger tea to reduce the symptoms.

Avoid smoking

It is very simple way to reduce the asthma, but it could be very difficult to do so. Smoking does not only affect your respiratory system, but also your whole body. So if you want to live healthy and reduce your allergies, you should stop smoking from now on.

Dry grapes with seeds

If you want to reduce your allergies, you can also use this. Consume dry grapes before you go to bed. It is proven to be very effective to reduce your allergic reactions, such as asthma.

Those tips are very effective to reduce your asthma problem. What you need to do is consistency. When you follow those tips, you will see the result in short time. Consult with your own allergy doctor if your asthma still occurs after 4 weeks or more.

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