What Are The Benefits Of Vibram Five Fingers?

Whether you are an advocate of minimalist running or not, you must have heard or seen Vibram Fingers footwear. If you are new to minimalist concept, you must be wondering “what are the benefits of Vibram Fivefingers that makes people go crazy with this kind of shoes?” With the advent of minimalist concept in footwear, there is also an upsurge of various designs of shoes in the market for every active sport imaginable as well as for work footwear.  However, you would probably take a second; if not a third look at Vibram’s shoes. Here’s why.

Unique design

The Vibram Fivefingers got a very unique design which will definitely look incongruous anywhere you go. You just have to take one look at it to know that it’s one of a kind footwear. Its toe box caters to individual toe box for each toes, just like a hand glove. Vibram is actually design to fit your feet like a feet glove, with very thin soles and zero-drop heels. It may look strange on your feet, but with its attractive colors and very comfortable fit that allows the wearer to have that personal interaction with the ground, Vibram Fivefingers is definitely the ultimate choice in minimalist footwear. Wearing this kind of shoes for the first time may give you some little pains and discomfort, especially if you are new to minimalist running footwear but as time goes on, you will find that you will develop a more natural gait and a more comfortable running experience.

Why opt for Vibram five fingers? 

For all the strangeness and rather unusual design of Vibram’s, it definitely proves to be one of the best minimalist footwear in the market today. You will ultimately reap the known several benefits of vibram fivefingers as you continue to wear it during your workouts and other casual activities. It is said that Vibram is one of the ultimate minimalist footwear existing in the market today, hence learning to adapt to wearing such footwear means you will be able to experience the maximum benefits that barefoot shoes can give.

The benefits of vibram fivefingers

Since Vibram’s have zero-drop heel, you will experience a simulation of running truly barefooted. Hence, receptors in the soles of your feet are activated sending crucial information to the brain at real time. Hence, the brain sends back proper signal to the feet to adjust to the kind of terrain that the feet is trekking. This way, the body is able to improve its agility and balance.

One of the benefits of Vibram fivefingers is that it offers the potential to develop the strength of muscles where it is most needed. Wearing Vibram’s invigorates the muscles of the lower legs and feet, helping it become stronger and preventing future injury to the feet.

The separate toe box of Vibram’s allows the feet to freely move. Wearing this type of shoes would feel like walking barefoot, allowing your feet to move naturally with toes splayed comfortably as it strikes the ground. It also helps disseminate the body weight across the foot bed, which in turn helps the alignment of the spine and improvement of the future.

There are other benefits of vibram fivefingers that you will discover as you go along wearing such shoes in your athletic and non-athletic activities.

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