Bathroom Cleaning Tips – The Ultimate Checklist

Apart from the kitchen a bathroom is meant to be the cleanest room in the home, yet it is a room that can literally become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. It is for this reason that particular attention needs to be shown to its cleaning.

Bacteria grow and thrive in a bathroom if not cleaned regularly. This can be harmful to your health and therefore it is a task that cannot be ignored.​

Bathroom cleaning tips

6 Bathroom cleaning tips

Cleaning a bathroom successfully requires a host of cleaning materials not usually used in any other part of the home. For instance, you would need cleaners for soap scum, mildew removers, surface cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners, sponges, brushes, anti-bacterial sprays, floor cleaners and rags.

Step One

Before you commence cleaning it is necessary that you pick up towels or clothes off the floor and put them in to the laundry bin. Remove rugs and place them outside to air. Remove anything else off the floor too. Remove items from around the sink and bathtub. Keep a bucket on hand for this.

Step Two

Start with the hardest areas first. Usually this are the shower and bathtub. Even with daily cleaning soap scum builds up. Using a sponge or bathroom cleaner, spray the solution and scrub. If the soap scum is particularly bad allow the cleaning solution to soak in for a few minutes before scrubbing. You will also need to spray the shower curtains. Once you have completed the cleaning you will need to thoroughly rinse away lose dirt and any hint of chemicals.

Glass shower partitions can also be cleaned with this solution. Make sure that you attend to the frames as well as hinges and tracks. There are a host of commercial cleaning agents available specifically suited to showers and bathtubs. If you are concerned about using chemicals in a closed environment you may need to cover your mouth with a face mask, don protective eye wear and wear gloves.

Bathroom cleaning

Pay special attention to stainless steel spigots or faucets. Generally, a spray of cleaning solution and a wipe with a rag will remove dirt. However, for stubborn water marks use a paper towel to polish them. For stubborn grime that tends to gather at the base of the bathtub faucets use an old toothbrush.​

Step Three

Move onto mirrors and windows. It is possible to use the same cleaning solution here as you used on the shower and bath, but you can also use solutions specially designed for glass. Spray the solution on and wipe off with a paper towel with a circular motion.

Step Four

Clean the sink, counter tops, faucets and any pedestals. A general purpose cleaner is usually sufficient in conjunction with a rag. Wipe away soap scum and remove any debris from the drain. If you encounter stubborn stains use a brush and cleaning solution to rid them. Rinse the sink with hot water and repeat the process for stubborn marks. A bathroom sink pedestal also needs cleaning. Start under the basin and work down to the floor. A general purpose cleaner will normally suffice.

Use a paper towel to wipe the sink dry. You can also make use of microfiber clothes that will not only dry the sink but also remove water marks off stainless steel.​

cleaning tips

Step Five

After this comes the toilet. Using a regular toilet brush and a toilet cleaning solution brush inside the bowl and around the rim. Using a general cleaning solution, a paper cloth wipe under the lid and around the seat. The base of the toilet should also be cleaned as well as the area that touches the floor. It is possible to use regular cleaning solution for this.

Step Six

Dust shelves, mouldings, skirtings window ledges and door frames. Dust the ceilings and corners for any cobwebs. You may require an extended pole and duster for this purpose.

The final step is to mop the floor. Using a floor cleaner spray it on, scrub off any persistent marks and then rinse off.

Cleaning a bathroom is perhaps the most unpleasant task of all. It requires concentrated cleaning and high powered cleaning solutions. However, by following these steps will make the job easier and more effective.​

Final Note

Did you like my Bathroom cleaning tips? If anyone have more ideas or tips please share with us in the comment section. You can also read our Kitchen Cleaning Tips as well as Carpet Cleaning Tips if anyone interested.

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