Backyard Cleaning – Spring Clean Your Garden

Now is the Time to Think About that Big Backyard Cleaning up! If you are like me at this time of year, you are really looking forward to spring weather so that you can get outdoors.

You may be giving some thought to spring cleaning your backyard so that it is ready for the summer, the sunshine and those long evenings.

But why wait! Let's get outdoors now and start the backyard cleaning now so that when spring if really here we can get out there and do some of the more enjoyable things that backyards are meant for!

Backyard Cleaning

Backyard Clean Up - Spring Lawn Clean Up Time!

Get The Family Out In The Backyard

So how do we want to approach the great backyard clean up? Not on our own that's for sure. This is a great time to get all the family together and get them all pitching in with the work.

It's more than likely, in fact almost certain, that your kids are not going to be that keen to help. However, if you explain that are trying to get the backyard ready for summer fun, they may well stop complaining.

The first thing you need to do is decide what needs the most attention. There is more than likely going to be a build-up of leaves together with limbs which have fallen from the trees. You are probably going to find that you have flower gardens which will soon be ready to bloom. They are going to need some attention as well.

What you want to do, if you are involving the whole family, is to try to make the tasks fun. So no barking out orders but rather have some fun and if you get covered in leaves as the kids throw them about before piling them up then don't complain!

This is a good time to aerate your lawn and breathe fresh air into the root system. This will then allow water and fertilizer to reach the roots. You might want to consider investing in a hand tool specifically designed for aeration, or even look at renting a power aerator.

Spring Garden Cleaning

Weeding and Planting

Once you have done the backyard cleaning then you need to set about weeding your flower beds and along the sidewalks.

Again look at investing in an ergonomic weeding tool to remove dandelions and broadleaf weeds. What you need to ensure is that you remove the weeds including their roots so that they don't grow or possibly spread.

Take a look at your lawn and see if you need to do any repair work. Remove any dead or brown and discolored grass and then sprinkle in some grass seeds. You can also add some fertilizer to help it grow back. Make sure that you keep the lawn moist until the grass seeds sprout and you can see new lawn growth.

Give some thought to whether you want to add new plants to a flower garden or if you are going to have a vegetable garden this year. If you haven't previously had one then work out where the vegetable garden will be.

If you have a background playground or equipment then think about whether you need to add any new pieces and where you will put them.

Make sure that you check over any existing pieces including checking that the chains and seats on swing sets are in good repair. If not then you will need to think about how and when to replace them.

By taking some time now, you will be able to get your yard and garden ready for the spring and summer.

Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Garden

The following Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Garden will give you a plan for the great Backyard Clean Up that is great to get done during the early part of Spring.

  • Remove any of those dead annuals which have suffered as a result of the colder weather. Add them to your compost pile if you have one or make a start on creating one if you don't have one.
  • Prune back any perennials once you start to see new growth near the base of the plant.
  • If you have any plants like lavender these should be cut back each year to enable new plant growth. You need to be sure that there is no chance of any further frost before you do this otherwise you might well kill the plant.
  • Trim back any torn leaves on your semi-evergreen plants to encourage new growth on the plant.
  • Pull up any weeds in your flower gardens while the soil is damp. Removing them while the soil is damp makes it easier to get rid of the weeds as you pull out the roots.
  • Carry out some soil testing (grab yourself a Soil Testing Kit) to see if it needs any fertilizer.
  • Put some mulch in your garden. This will help to cool the roots of your plants, feed the soil, conserve water in the ground as well as helping to keep weeds at bay.
  • Edge your garden lawns to stop it encroaching on your flower or vegetable garden. This is one of the very visible signs that you you have been at work in the garden and will make it look neat and tidy.

Final Note

Getting your garden looking tidy is a great way to start Spring. It get's you and the garden and you ready for the coming Summer and certainly cheers the spirits!

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