Aerobic Exercise: Why Not Getting Aerobic Exercise Makes You Tired

A sedentary lifestyle sets up a chain reaction for decay and declining health and creates many problems, including reducing your ability to take in and use oxygen.

If you take in less oxygen, you get less oxygen in your blood.  Less oxygen in the blood means less oxygen in the cells and less oxygen in your cells means less energy and vitality in your life.

Improve your ability to take in and use oxygen and your energy and vitality automatically improve.

If you exercise regularly, you already know exercise is one of the most energizing activities you can possibly engage in.  If you don’t exercise, you may find it hard to believe there are few things you can think of or imagine that feel better than a good, mind engaging, body challenging workout.


Aerobic Exercise Keeps You Energized

An aerobic workout not only increases cardiocascular fitness, aerobic training improves your body’s ability to keep your blood oxygenated so you feel alert and energetic.

A sedentary lifestyle reduces cardiac output, which means less blood is pumped by your heart.

  • This results in a double-whammy of deprivation, lower oxygen intake and less blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to your brain and organs.
  • To compensate for less oxygen and nutrients, the heart beats harder and blood pressure rises, all in a futile attempt to feed the brain.

Chronically reduced oxygen and nutrient levels in the blood brought on by a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of exercise can eventually lead to high blood pressure, a weaker heart and a decline in hormone production resulting in shrinking muscles, thinning bones, a weaker immune system and growing inability to concentrate.

Every part of your body, from the inside out responds favorably to increased physical activity. The more you move, the healthier you become.

Mountains of research published in dozens of medical journals document the positive affect regular exercise has on maintaining youthful hormone levels, strength, health and vitality on every level.


Fight Depression with Aerobic Exercise

Exercise and you will feel better about life. Studies on depression consistently show that both aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise fights depression MORE EFFECTIVELY than any prescription drug.

Your body is made for movement. You need a certain amount of physical activity to stay healthy. A sedentary lifestyle makes you weak FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Exercise properly and you’ll be stronger from the inside out because exercise stimulates your glands to produce youthful levels of important hormones that help you stay healthy and strong.

One reason you have more energy when you exercise is because regular exercise improves your lung capacity.

Greater lung capacity results in more oxygen in your blood.

More oxygen in your blood means your muscles get the oxygen required to function efficiently and avoid lactic acid build up.

By avoiding lactic acid build up, you experience less tiredness and fatigue and you feel better, healthier and stronger.

Know how refreshed you feel after a nice sauna?  You feel refreshed because the sauna purges lactic acid from your muscles. But wouldn’t it be nice if lactic acid never built up?

Sedentary people tire easily for several reasons, including poor blood oxygenation and lactic acid build up in their muscles. Exercise helps reverse these problems.

Oxygen not only feeds your muscles, oxygen feeds your brain.  When your blood is oxygen rich, your brain functions more efficiently, which means it is easy to remain alert and focused.

For a quick demonstration to experience for yourself how a little extra oxygen makes you feel, just stop and take 3 long, slow breaths, breathing deeply from your stomach and holding each breath for 10 seconds before letting it out and taking the next.


Go on. Give this a try. Check it out for yourself.

Take 3 nice deep breaths. Inhale slowly until your lungs are full, hold the air in for 10 seconds, then let the air out slowly and enjoy an instant jump in energy and alertness.

Sedentary people and couch potatoes get less oxygen in their blood and have a reduced capacity for moving the oxygen they do get.

Low blood oxygen and a reduced capacity to move the oxygen once it gets in the blood always results in less energy, less endurance and greater tiredness and fatigue.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true.  Increased oxygen capacity results in higher energy and greater endurance.


Aerobic exercise done properly . . .



YOUR CELLS resulting in greater energy and vitality.

Besides increasing mental alertness and building energy and endurance, a good aerobics exercise workout done properly gives you greater strength and flexibility, both important to keep you active.

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