A Few Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has a lot to offer. Many of meditation’s benefits occur noticeably almost immediately, but the practice produces longer lasting benefits that can show up in softer, slower and more subtle ways.

Benefits of Meditation

Regarding immediate benefits, a meditation session generally leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed, with a clearer mind and a better ability to focus. For the rest of the day, you will probably find that you have better control over your mental state and mental focus.

Some other physical benefits include:

-Meditation practitioners promise that meditation provides an improvement of your body’s general well-being, and leads to vibrant good health. When you meditate, you enter a state of focus and concentration that can increase blood and nutrient flow to whichever body part you desire, increasing its strength and health. This ability to focus on a certain organ or body part was well known to the classic bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane, who talked extensively about the importance of meditating on a body party to induce it to grow properly. Arnold talked about visualizing his biceps as mountains when he trained them, and Zane has been a practicing Buddhist for most of his life.

-Meditation also provides improved concentration, in both mental and physical matters. Many athletes perform meditation, whether they spend their time meditating about victory, or if they visual additional training when they are out of the gym. Studies have shown that your body’s nervous system responds to the visualization of exercise exactly the same as it responds when actually performing the exercise.

-Alternative health fields incorporate meditation techniques into the management of life threatening diseases, in the positive transformation of molecular and genetic structure, in the reversal of mental and degenerative illnesses, in accelerated learning, in general daily problem solving, in lifestyle management, as well as other more esoteric endeavors such as a better feeling of environmental unity and an increase in immeasurable metaphysical abilities.

-Meditation also lowers your oxygen consumption, it slows down and deepens your breathing, it reduces blood pressure and your heart rate while increasing the strength and efficiency and rate of blood flow, and it increases the ability that survivors of heart attacks are able to exercise. Meditation practice also increases your body’s serotonin production, which helps to uplift your mood and behavior patterns, and helps fight depression, headaches and insomnia.

-Meditation has been shown to aid in healing from major operations. Furthermore, meditation enhances your immune system, increasing the number of helpful ‘killer-cells’ which combat pathogens and possibly cancerous cells. Meditation also has been shown to aid in reducing viral activity.

-Meditation reduces muscle tension, helping to increase relaxation levels and helping to reduce headaches and chronic body aches.

-Meditation reduces anxiety.

Above all, meditation is a great way to relax both body and mind. There are those who make some pretty big claims about what meditation can do for you, such as teaching you how to meditate or become invisible. Still, regular meditation practice can produce some really remarkable effects, such as some a seemingly superhuman control over your physical and mental state.

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